MoCCA: Royal Flush magazine

ROyal Flush Promo Video!!Add to My Profile | More Videos Okay one more cool thing to check out at MoCCA this weekend: Royal Flush magazine, a new cool object magazine put together by some of today’s top art directors and including comical contributions by people like Tara McPherson, Danny Hellman, Shannon Wheeler and sometime comics […]

As you are now, so once was I…

Harrison Ford on the set of Indy IV, photographed by Steven Spielberg. To complete the trip to the past, check out details of the upcoming Beyond the Valley of the Replicants Deuper Deluxe edition of BLADE RUNNER at Film Ick. The trailer (Which was shown during AFI’s top 100 films special) includes NEW FOOTAGE. Mike […]

If a blogger posts in the woods…

Dick Hates Your Blog is a bit of an enigma. The title promises snark, but it delivers mostly thoughtful commentary. Talk about the bait and switch. Yesterday Dick Hyacinth talked about the recent phenomenon of people scouring the solicitations to find covers to be offended by. This is kind of an interesting phenomenon in and […]

MoCCA Party Poop

It’s another exhausting run of events for the next few days. Make sure the Metro card is filled up! The following list is indebted to Bill Kartalopoulous, who gave us permission to adapt his own email listings. The whole list is in the jump. Saturday is particularly rough, but we know we’ll be hitting the […]

MoCCA Who’s Where

A few more who’s doing what’s t this weekend’s MoCCA Art Festival: The Sundays anthology debuts at MoCCA — put together by six CS grads, it’s sure to be one of the buzz books of the show. Lauren Weinstein This weekend at the MOCCA FESTIVAL I will be presenting my work in an hour long […]

CCS offers MFA

Press Release (Found at the TCJ board) The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) is proud to announce its approval from the State of Vermont Department of Education Board to award Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degrees. Based on recommendations from the Vermont Higher Education Council during their June meeting, the State Board approved CCS for […]

Meth to IDW

Over at the IDW site, it has just been announced that Clifford Meth has joined the company as Executive VP of Strategies/Editorial. Meth is best known recently for putting together The Uncanny Dave Cockrum tribute book, as well as helping Cockrum get a royalty settlement in his waning years. He’s also known as a fiction […]

MoCCA: Cavallaro Debut and news

Michael Cavallero writes to tell us of his MoCCA debut and also his move from the web to Print at Image Comics: This coming September Image Comics’ Shadowline unveils the first in a two-part miniseries with ACT-I-VATE studio cartoonist Michael Cavallaro, PARADE (WITH FIREWORKS). In the tradition of historical epics such as Eric Shanower’s AGE […]

Art: “Into the Pixel”

Into the Pixel is a display of concept art for video games. The other day we were railing against work for hire, but as many people pointed out, there is a time and place for it, such as paying very talented people decent sums of money to sit down and imagine. The result is sometimes […]