A few more who’s doing what’s t this weekend’s MoCCA Art Festival:

Suncover Big

The Sundays anthology debuts at MoCCA — put together by six CS grads, it’s sure to be one of the buzz books of the show.

UnknownLauren Weinstein
This weekend at the MOCCA FESTIVAL I will be presenting my work in an hour long powerpoint extravaganza! I will also be signing my comics at the Picturebox Table.

Saturday from 5-6 I will be presenting in the MoCCA gallery, located at 594 Broadway, just two blocks from the Puck Building. I will be performing old favorites and previewing new pages from The Goddess of War and Calamity!

I will also be at the Picturebox table signing on Saturday from 12-1 with Matthew Thurber!
And on Sunday I will be signing from 1 – 2 with Brian Chippendale!
I will have a “GLAM: part I” minicomic at Mocca. Will also have a SPACE SUCKS mini…



Team Rabbit will be at the MoCCA Festival once again! At our table, the anthology’s newest issue: “The Future of Rabid Rabbit” will debut! Other mini-comics also on sale: C.M. Buzer’s “Zombie Cat,” Paul Hoppe’s “Casual Comics,” & Ben X. Trinh’s “Kingbennie.”

Finally, Saturday night, after the first day of the festival, we’ll be hosting an after party at Doc Holliday’s: free P.B.R with your purchase of a Rabid Rabbit Press mini-comic! Drawing raffle! And a generous aura of booziness!


Abby Denson

MOCCA Art Fest is next weekend and the excitement is building! Last year was special because I debuted Tough Love there. This year there will be a mini-comic explosion at my table! I posed my comix luxuriously on sexy fabric for your enjoyment.

And some random folks:
Arthur Dela Cruz:

Damon Hurd:

Tom Hodler and Comics Comics:

Evan Dorkin

Matt Madden with a new Mini!



  1. OK, somehow I thought this was like three weeks ago. Or was it and I missed that and this is something else??? Anyway, I think I just. might. go. Glad I saw this! I have no money to buy stuff, but I sort of just want to sit through every single program on Sunday.