Harrison Ford on the set of Indy IV, photographed by Steven Spielberg.

To complete the trip to the past, check out details of the upcoming Beyond the Valley of the Replicants Deuper Deluxe edition of BLADE RUNNER at Film Ick. The trailer (Which was shown during AFI’s top 100 films special) includes NEW FOOTAGE. Mike Royer, I know you are excited.


  1. Indy IV? I’d be more excited if I hadn’t been lukewarm on the prequel/sequel. The Blade Runner news is a tad more interesting, however. A big ‘ol coffee table book would be welcome, too. Yes, I’m a mindless consumer when it comes to some things, I’ll admit it.

  2. A few years ago, I was at the American Museum of the Moving Image. They were hosting a Machinima festival, which are movies made with videogames. (see: Red Vs. Blue) Over in the corner by the Seinfeld diner set, a docent was demonstrating how Gumby was animated. Behind her was the model of the Blade Runner corporate building, where one can peak inside and look at all the wiring.
    [so, Heidi, do I win the trackback award for all those references?]

  3. i hate that everyone keeps on messing around with Blade Runner, no one knows where to start anymore!! grrr…

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