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If you were counting down the days, it’s here! The mysterious meeting in the woods thrown by Rick Olney for his special friends. In honor of the occasion we took a dip into the Legendary Olney thread and people are still coming out of the woodwork (no pun intended) with stories of how Olney ripped them off, including some rather unsavory actions by Olney regarding some models. There is also much disccusion of the etymology of the term “reacharound” To show what kind of guy he is, Olney showed up in our comments, and let’s give him equal time:

No, actually the 2007 MMC is private and everyone attending will be treated to an entire weekend at a water theme park, some camping (if that is their choice over a hotel room) and some nice activities that (obviously) a bunch of you couldn’t appreciate.

Heidi, don’t ever throw those lime green panties away, sweety!

Koben, I’m pretty sure you’re one of the secret members of the Ronee club, right? Keep that head shaved and goatee, you sexy devil!

“Gail” I had a cousin that had a bitch that crotch sniffed like you do. She, unlike you, was able to stay away from the donuts. Keep enjoying that decent ride in Wonder Woman’s invisible jet!

You stay classy, Rick Olney! As for the rest of us, whatever you do…



  1. No more of this jokester saying that he runs comic book conventions. Somebody should sue him for fraud and get him into Bankruptcy.

  2. “Heidi, don’t ever throw those lime green panties away, sweety!”

    I think “Don’t ever throw those lime green panties away, sweety” will be the “Stay gold, Pony Boy” of 2007.

  3. The list of really disgusting behaviors from this guy starts at never paying anyone (either newbie or long-term pro–retailers also have been cheated by him and his organizations) and goes right on up through to alledgedly taking money from kinds on at least three occasions, and potential fraud about tax-free status. Having him call me names as we expose his repulsive utter lack of ethics and honesty, while we attempt to raise money for the many, many people he’s cheated? Why, it’s practically an honor.

    Hey, Rick! I had a cousin who paid his debts, didn’t spout racist and homophobic insults at people, cheated no one, and didn’t call every woman who stood up to him by grotesque sexual names! People call him the Anti-Olney!

    I urge everyone to read Tony Isabella’s warning about this guy and his sole apologist, Dennis Kininger. The industry does not need people like this. A full accounting of the many, many misdeeds of Tightlip Entertainment, Orca, The Mighty Mini Con, and Rick himself appears at unscrewedcomic.com and is worth a perusal.

    Thank you all, and Heidi, let your green panty freak flag fly!


  4. “Hey! What is really funny is how hard all these readers of Heidi’s actually look to be the same people living out their fetish fantasies with me. lol ”

    Good lord, I have never met anyone so in need of some remedial English courses. YIKES.


  5. Uncle Heidi I love you!

    And I heard that green panties are this seasons new black, so you’re once again ahead of the curve.

    *ugh* I was going to go and try to capitalize on some of the gross raunchy things that he said the other day as part of this joke but I just can’t bring myself to think about them anymore!

  6. Yep, good ol’ Rick Olney, who claims to be a great family man while trying to seduce young models into cozy love nests (fortunately, the model in question was disgusted by the idea) while soliciting her to appear at conventions as one of his vaporware comics character rip-offs.

    Good ol’ ‘Let’s bring children back to comics’ Rick Olney who calls women whores and bitches, uses racial and gay-bashing insults, posts pictures of shit-filled toilets on the front page of his convention website…

    He’s all class and THEN some!


  7. “No more of this jokester saying that he runs comic book conventions. Somebody should sue him for fraud and get him into Bankruptcy.”

    I don’t think Rick really has any money to sure for. But the internet gives him a semi-free forum.

  8. I’m sure most Pros would agree that nothing could be better than camping with comic books fans…

    I’m sure Warren Ellis and Alan Moore are tent shopping right now.

  9. Thanks for the plug, Heido ho!

    Far as the rest of you, bring your your own sleeping bags and tie a pork chop around your necks for the black bears!

    See you tomorrow morning!


  10. Oh, I just had to post again after seeing, ” including some rather unsavory actions by Olney regarding some models.’


    Great to be able to depend upon the antics of the YABS crew. That “Gail” sure has her lil storytellers stretchin’ the hell out of those fabricated lies she spins!

    My, my… but I must be the comics stud, eh? Heidi, if you’re coming up, be sure to bring those lime green panties. They’ll keep the Adirondack mosquitoes away, sweety! lol

  11. Better yet, why don’t we tie an anchor around your neck, Rick, and throw you in the river.

    And I’m still waiting to hear from your vaunted “leaggle teams” Reacharound Rick. Or are you saving money to hire those thugs to kick everyone’s asses, as you’ve stated lately?

  12. Have a fun time with your (snork) ‘convention’, deadbeat! Hey, just to be different, why not actually pay the venue this time for once?

    Wow, maybe you can have your next con in in your Van! Think of the savings!


  13. Heidi, he seems fascinated by your underwear.

    Interestingly he used this same dumbfuck insult with Jen Contino when she exposed some of Rick’s deadbeat behaviors some time back.

    God knows what it’s supposed to mean. Rick’s not good with English.

    Or paying people.

    And every organization he’s touched in comics has ended in failure and disgrace.

    Great record there, Rick!

    Be sure to bring your lime green…never mind.


  14. Now now, folks. Rick has disabilities. Lay off him.

    Life is hard when your born without talent, business sense, common sense, morals, ethics, decency, and testicles.

    We have to make allowances for poor, disabled Rick.

  15. HA!

    I didn’t catch that…yeah, it looks like he’s trying (in his ham-fisted and vaguely illiterate way) to correct my grammar. Only, he gets the ‘correction’ wrong!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA, oh, man, if he actually ever put out a comic, I know it’d be the Ed Wood accidental hilarious book of the year.


  16. Here’s the experiences of a small press publisher (Al Luchidor) who says this is just a FRACTION of the crap and lies Olney perpetrated. And again, it shows he’s been doing this for at LEAST ten years, using his fake ‘credentials’ in the comics industry to pull this sort of thing.

    “Well, I first encountered Rick Olney after being interviewed at a small comicon in Utica, NY in 1997 (I think). It was my first con pushing my Luchador imprint and we were approached by this comic club. They interviewed me and my artist, and we exchanged info. At the time they were meeting at this new lcs that had opened up. I attended the next month’s meeting and I was amazed. Here was a forum for all types of comic readers to interact. It was like a message board in real life. The only drawback was the odor.

    Rick approached me and my artist after the meeting and told us how great our comics were and that we were the next best thing since sliced bread. Rick asked if we could sell him 25 copies of each of our 4 titles (I was an ambitious small presser to start). I was flattered and offered him a wholesale price for the 100 books and he agreed to it. I believe the price was somewhere around 100 bucks. At the next monthly orca meeting my artist and I did a little presentation about imagination (as Rick requested). After the meeting he gave me partial payment on the books and said I’d get the balance at the next meeting. . . I had no previous dealings with Rick so I didn’t think anything about it. I thought that getting my books in the hands of readers was more important than the money. Little did I know.

    I was duped into believing Rick’s mantra about ORCA. I even took some of my pals to the meetings and fronted their memberships. To this day, they have never received anything from ORCA, not even a newsletter.

    In the weeks following the orca meeting where we did the little dog and pony show (we made little “exclusive “ pin up gallery books to give out . . .) my phone rang one night. It was Rick. He blew some smoke in my direction. How great me and my artist were . . . and to that end, he was going to be our benefactor. He invited us to go down to the Pittsburgh comicon that April. Rick was going to let us have half his booth and we would sell books like hot cakes. Oh, the connections we’d make. . . .We only had about a month to prepare so I busily went about printing 100 copies of each book we had at the time. Since I was kinda new to the con scene I called down to Renee George to ask her some questions about what I could or couldn’t bring as far as displays went. She was kind of shocked when I mentioned Rick Olney and ORCA. She said that they didn’t have a booth. I was shocked. I asked about getting my own small press booth. Unfortunately, they were all sold out. I was screwed with all these books I printed with no where to sell them. (side note: the next year I got my own booth and we went down and did well. I met a great number of pros and made a lot of friends and Pittsburgh comicon is a show I now do every year.)

    Now, I know I should have learned my lesson. But I’m a nice guy and ORCA was local so I thought that going to the meetings would further my local sales. Somewhere around 98-99 I was asked by Rick and the Stronachs (the people who designed and maintained orcafresh.net) to help them re-organize ORCA and apply for 501(c) status. I attended a number of meetings and the 501(c) status was never achieved. Nor was any re-organization. Rick would not let go of control. It was pretty much his way or the hiway. I specifically brought up his spending habits. He blasted me and told me that it was not my concern. . . . even though his reputation reflected back on ORCA. I stopped attending meetings shortly there after.

    Around the same time these reorganization meetings were going on there were two other projects I was privy to . . . the first was the comics in the class room project. I was there to see the rough drafts and some of the editing . . . most of which was done by Bob and Mary Stronach. I think their input far outweighed Rick’s and they made that project come to life.

    The second project that came to fruition (in spite of Rick) was a trip to NYC to tour Marvel comics. Rick was promoting the trip and collecting money. I can’t remember how much he was charging . . . it wasn’t a lot but it was more than 20 bucks. Somewhere along the line, I got him to agree that my artist and I could go based on what he owed me. So, a couple weeks before the trip is supposed to happen I learned that he had not secured a bus and that it wasn’t likely to happen. Me being me, I knew he had collected money from kids and they were excited, I put him in touch with a friend of mine who owned a limo/transportation company. The bus cost either 650 or 750. the tour at marvel was free. The only cost ol’ Rick had was the bus and the bus was filled so covering that should have been no problemo . . .

    For months after the trip I fielded calls from my pal about the bus payment. I looked like the idiot for Rick’s non payment and I apologized to my friend immensely.

    Since I’m being honest, I’ll also tell you that I did moderate the orcafresh.net small press forum. That was a lot like refereeing a Harlem Globetrotter game. Rick could say what he wanted and everybody else was curtailed. His vision of moderation also included recruitment. That was a hard sell. Eventually, I let the moderating happen by itself.

    Like I said, ORCA and Rick are local so there’s a lot I’m privy to. Such as the mini con at the college you attended. What a cluster fuck. But you know that. . . what you probably don’t know is that one of my good friends (who I had drinks with last night) was the director of extra curricular activities at HCCC said that the bill for the venue is still open as far as he knows.

    Further minicon info: the website and character logos were designed by another friend of mine. He was warned about keeping Rick on a short leash payment wise. But he still got screwed. Rick owed him approx $500 and chips arranged to collect it from him at one of the mini cons. Chris came to Utica from Rochester and I bought him lunch and took him to the mini con to collect. . . . Rick paid him in vintage comics and a Fred Hembeck original art page.

    I was also a member of the figma.com message board community and I can verify Glen Barbis’s comments as well as Rich “showman” Stahnke’s exchange about a commission for a naked Invisible Woman sketch.

    I really want to post this stuff and more that would probably come up on the YABS message board, but, I really don’t need Olney’s bullshit in my life. But, I want to corroborate other’s stories so we can hopefully keep Rick from preying on the comic book community.”

    How fucking sick is this? Even his so-called ‘prosperous’ con (the same one that he used as an excuse not to pay anyone in a timely manner because of crappy attendance) ends up with the venue not being paid. He doesn’t pay for a bus that was arranged on short notice as a FAVOR. And where did those kids’ money go, anyway?

    Rick Olney, you’re disgusting.

  17. Yes, it’s true as true. Rick offered this young model a job and before she knew it, he was offering her an apartment close to where he lived… she told him to Fuck off and then he threatened her. well oooohh weee!
    Rick sure knows how to treat dem wimen!

    And the fact that Rick remembers Heidi’s green undies from way back in 2003 and hasn’t yet been able to remember to pay those he owes

  18. Ricky:
    The model in question was contacted and she spoke of your ill behavior. It was no spin on our part: you creeped the bejeezus out of her.

  19. Did everyone see the weather forecast for Mohawk this weekend?

    SATURDAY – Mostly sunny. Highs around 70. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph. Gusts up to 35 mph in the afternoon.

    SATURDAY NIGHT – Partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 40s. West winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph in the evening – becoming light and variable.

    SUNDAY – Partly sunny with a chance of showers. A chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 70s. West winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of rain 30 percent.

    Enjoy the waterpark and the campout, Rick!

  20. Don’t worry about the weather. Rick has it covered. He’s going to beat Dennis with a stick until he turns into Thor.

  21. So, Rick, how’s the convention going? You and Dennis sign any squirrels or chipmunks up for Orca? If you’re particularly crafty, you might be able to cheat them out of some nuts…. But then you’re plenty nuts to begin with.


    The only convention with no guests, no panels, and no purpose, but it DOES have a slippy slide!


  23. I hear the highlight of Mini Camp-Con 2007 will be Rick and Dennis demonstrating the proper technique for performing a reacharound without getting pine cones caught in your unmentionables.

  24. I have been staying away from Olneyisms for a while now, just from being disgusted but Koben pointed me here. I find it hilarious that I keep getting mentioned, even in personal emails from the Olney. Looks like some people not only lie profusely but also obsess just a wee bit.

  25. What I don’t understand is, why a waterpark? I mean big whoop! There are about 20 billion of the friggin’ things all throughout the US. There’s a combo amusement park (with rides, games, an arcade) waterpark right down the road from me. Why would I want to drive to NY state for a friggin’ waterpark? I live closer to Cedar Point… third largest amusement park in the USA! I live closer to Chicago… where Wizard World is held in August. I went to the 2000 show in Chi-Town and was blown away!

    Why, Rick? Why would anyone what to attend your pathetic “con”? It’s ridiculous! You really are just nothing. An insect. A gnat. An annoyance.

    Enjoy your “event.” Appropriate it should be at a waterpark… where you might actually come close to getting a bath.

  26. Nice to hear from you again, Ronee!

    And the funniest thing, even if you WANTED (ick!) to see Olney go down a waterslide, the ‘general public’ can’t, because you could only buy tickets in advance, by mail, without even a VENUE announced.

    I mean, come on, that is FUNNY SHIT. :)