Spidey toy sales slacking?

Over at CNN, Herb Greenberg speculates that the sales of Hasbro’s Spidey 3 toys may not be living up to expectations: Johnson is one of several analysts warning clients of possibly disappointing ” Spider-Man 3″ toy sales. His first clue: seeing neat shelves of Spider-Man toys at Wal-Mart stores. If the toys were selling well, […]

ICv2 chart analysis: Marvel on top again

ICv2 looks at Diamond’s may comics sales charts: Marvel dominated periodical comic sales in the May earning big gains in both dollar and unit market share thanks to a slate that included eight of the top ten best-selling titles. For the second month in a row a Fallen Son: Death of Captain America title (2 […]

Weekend wrap-up

Heroes Con: Jeff Parker Day One, Day Two Philip Looney TwoMorrows What it’s like for a fan, also a pretty good news round up for DC. Zack Smith Wizard World Philadelphia Mike Manley: Day One, Day Two Marv Wolfman Reports on Hayden Panettiere’s activites Pictures of people in costume holding stuffed toy. Glenn Walker: Day […]

DC and Marvel news round-up

A lot of news over the weekend at both Heroes Con and WizWorld Philly. We’re just going to give some bullet points, because not only do you have to read 80 comics a month to follow the story, but you now have to read 80 comics a month to even COVER the story. The Charlotte/Philly […]

DC’s webcomics initiative?

DC’s months long search for an “Online Editor” last year clued many in to the fact that they were looking to put together more original material online. Now Todd Allen connects a few more dots: DC is quietly working on something webcomics related. It’s based out of the Creative Services department, possibly as a cover. […]

Batman’s New Suit

It’s a little hard from this angle to see how big the nipples on this suit are, but EW has the exclusive look at Batman’s new suit and it comes with a MAJOR MAJOR upgrade: Ever wonder why movie Batmans rarely turn their horned heads? It’s because the cowls of past suits were firmly attached […]

DC Invests in Japanese Manga Startup

Via PW, news that DC has invested in Flex Comics a new print, web and mobile phone manga publisher, as part of DC Comics Japan, a new company that will be overseen b v-p John Nee: Translated editions of Japanese manga dominate U.S. graphic novel sales and the Flex Comics venture makes DC Comics one […]

FF2 claims box office crown

FF2: RISE OF THE SULVER SURFER landed atop this weekend’s box office charts with an impressive $57.4 million. It beat FF1’s $56/1 mil by a hair, but had a lower per screen average. Aside from the X-Men pictures, the norm for comic book franchises is to lose their audiences with subsequent movies, and Rise of […]