DC’s months long search for an “Online Editor” last year clued many in to the fact that they were looking to put together more original material online. Now Todd Allen connects a few more dots:

DC is quietly working on something webcomics related. It’s based out of the Creative Services department, possibly as a cover. While nobody is willing to part with specifics, conversations with sources suggest this involves original comics for the web. Additionally, everyone claiming any familiarity with the initiative seems in awe of its scope.

This makes some sense, in that DC’s Senior VP – Creative Director, Richard Brunning, spent some time speaking about the difficulties of formatting comics for the computer screen at the New York Comic Con’s Web Comics Panel. Could it be he’s been experimenting with different presentation formats? Makes a fella wonder, it does.

“What does Kwanza [Johnson] do as online editor at DC,” you might ask yourself? To quote his LinkedIn page, “Point person for developing comics and content specifically created for the internet and other non-print methods of distribution, primarily focusing on DC Comics’ growing online business plans.”


  1. Ooooo… I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Maybe they’ll have a reason to call it “All-Flash! Comics”.