A lot of news over the weekend at both Heroes Con and WizWorld Philly. We’re just going to give some bullet points, because not only do you have to read 80 comics a month to follow the story, but you now have to read 80 comics a month to even COVER the story. The Charlotte/Philly news coverage included so many crossovers (phone calls from Bob Wayne to Dan Didio on panels) and articles that referenced interviews that had just been broken, and previous continuity that it is making our head twirl. We will, however, write headlines, so you can see if you even care.


Fls-Cv232 SolicitDC

MCDUFFIE TO JLA: Dwayne McDuffie is taking over writing JLA with issue #13 after Brad Meltzer leaves. McDuffie is one of the producers on the JLA cartoon, so this is pretty good news. Wizard interviews him.

WAID BACK ON NEWLY RENUMBERED FLASH: THE FLASH will be cancellled with issue #13, out on Wednesday, which supposedly reveals some big Flash news. Issues #14 and #15 were solicited but those were fake solicits. Popular Flash writer Mark Waid will return to the character in the fall with issue #231, which picks up where the OLD flash title left off last year. Daniel Acuna will be the artist. In the meantime, this September brings a one shot, ALL FLASH #1 written by Waid with various artists. (We’re not sure exactly which issue has the cover at left where the Flash is attacked by a giant vagina with teeth AND tentacles, but it sure is HOT.)

CHALLENGERS OF THE BEYOND Donna Troy, Jason Todd, and Kyle Rayner are going to become a team called Challengers of the Beyond, exploring the Crime Syndicate world, as well as the “Blood Reign” vampire world.

Brian Michael SkrullMARVEL

ELEKTRA WAS A SKRULL: It was recently revealed in NEW AVENGERS #31 that the Elektra character who has been running around for quite some time now was a SKRULL! (These are shape shifting aliens.) Internet chatter speculates that this means that everyone who has been acting weird or been killed or whatnot over the last year or so may turn out to be a Skrull too. There’s also speculation that maybe this will allow Frank Miller to do something for Marvel, once his busy schedule clears up in about five years, since he always said he wouldn’t do anything for them until Elektra was dead again.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN GOES THREE TIMES A MONTH: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Sensational Spider-Man are being cancelled, and instead flagship title Amazing Spider-Man will come out three times a month. So THIS is what editor Steve Wacker will be putting his experience editing weekly comics to use on. The new Spidey story line is called “Brand New Day” which many fans suspect will be a way to get Peter and MJ unmarried. Why don’t they just go to Mexico? The creative teams on the three times a month Spidey will be announced at San Diego. Wacker interviewed here.

Peter David is taking over writing SHE-HULK when Dan Slott leaves, starting with issue #22.

If we had a lot more free time we would read all the panel reports for the jokes that reveal so much more than the news, like this one:

A fan asked when All-Star Batgirl by Geoff Johns will come out, with Carlin sarcastically asking “Why should All-Star Batgirl come out? None of the other ones do.” Wayne then said they learned their lesson from All-Star Batman & Robin and All-Star Superman to have a few is-sues in the can before anything is released, so they can “disappoint you in the middle of the story instead of the beginning,” he joked.

Bonus: The Pulse reports on Heroes Con’s Mini Comics panel


  1. A correction on the Flash news: Dan Didio later stated that All-Flash is July, with Flash #231 coming in August. That fits with today’s solicits, which have Flash #232 in September with the infamous tentacle cover.

    What I find funny about that cover is that just a few weeks ago, during the height of the HFH discussion, I put together a list of Wally West-era covers showing the Flash as a passive victim. Who knew they’d take it a step further?

  2. Hey that was my All-Star Batgirl question! Mike Carlin actually thanked me at the DC booth for “his biggest laugh on the panel”. I told him I was happy to serve it up– but honestly, I really want to see that Geoff John’s Batgirl!

  3. Ahhhhhh !!!

    Maybe you could tag your BIG SPOILERS for those of us that haven’t yet read (or even received) this month’s comics (such as NEW AVENGERS #31). I’ve been avoiding reveals for two weeks and pretty successful until now. $*£#@*% !

    So, I guess The BEAT is off my favorites. Bye.

  4. Of course the original Electra couldn’t be a Skrull – that’s a stupid concept. But She-Hulk could be – hey, she’s green already, right? An obvious Skrull trick, trying to copy the Hulk.

    As to Spidey coming out three times a month, that’s just pure GREED. At least they’re finally getting rid of some of their Spidey garbage titles, which I, as head of Marvel, would have done long ago, along with keeping just the flagship monthly Spidey title. That way anticipation and interest would build for the ONE and only monthly Spidey title coming out, like back in the day.

    It would sell three times more issues, which would be the same as one third that many on three different monthly issues. Think about it, guys. With that one monthly, you could have your quality and your units-moved, too.