Batman LIt’s a little hard from this angle to see how big the nipples on this suit are, but EW has the exclusive look at Batman’s new suit and it comes with a MAJOR MAJOR upgrade:

Ever wonder why movie Batmans rarely turn their horned heads? It’s because the cowls of past suits were firmly attached to the neck and shoulders of the costume — necessary to maintain that iconic silhouette and to prevent the actor from moving around inside the mask. The new headpiece — modeled after a motorcycle helmet — is separate from the neck, so star Christian Bale can now swivel his noggin side to side, or nod up and down. ”It was the hardest part of the suit to make,” says Hemming.

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  1. Nope.

    Think about Batman 1, when Vicki takes his picture from the roof of the building. Instead of just his head looking up, his entire upper torso angles upward…