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RIP: Daniel Robert Epstein

Matt Brady has the sad news and a touching remembrance: Daniel Robert Epstein, one of Newsarama’s writers (as well as a writer for many other sites) died this morning. Details about his death are still coming together, but Dan was found late last night by his wife Andrea. He was 31, soon to be 32. […]

Long lost Wesley Morse art

SHE was a beautiful showgirl in the Ziegfield Follies. HE was a dashing young cartoonist/illustrator. It was the ’20s, things were roaring, and whatever went on between them they took to their graves. But the art that Wesley Morse gave to Avonne Taylor she kept for 70 years, only to have it found by her […]

Does Rick Olney do it in the woods?

A reader comment here on The Beat has led us to resurrect the trail of Rick Olney, convention promoter extraordinaire. How extraordinaire? Well, he just seems to keep cancelling convention after convention after convention. He’s also led to an epic 30,000+ post thread at Gail Simone’s CBR forum which includes all sorts of reports of […]

Interviews, interviews

• ICv2 interviews Viz Media’s Seiji Horibuchi on the subject of Viz’s growing slate of movie releases beyond the DVD market: With the growing interest in Japanese pop culture do you think that some of these films may get exposure on cable or satellite TV here in North America? Yes. We’re currently in discussion with […]

Secret Asian Man launches at United Media

What editor Ted Rall calls “the first Asian-themed strip” for newspapers, will launch in July: United Media will be launching a new feature on July 16 called Secret Asian Man by Tak Toyoshima. The feature centers around Osamu “SAM” Takahashi, a struggling comic strip artist, who is a second generation Japanese American growing up in […]

Paul Hornschemeier tour dates

Here you go! Bare bones! No time for snappy patter! We’ve got things to DO. HORNSCHEMEIER EAST COAST/MIDWEST TOUR DATES: WHEN: June 15 – June 17 WHERE: Heroes Con 2007 Charlotte Convention Center 501 S. College St. (& Stonewall Ave.) Charlotte, NC 704-339-6000 WHEN: Tuesday, June 19, 3:00PM – 6:00PM WHERE: Velocity Comics 904 […]

Land o’ links Volume 1

A shitload of shit is going down and we don’t have time to make it all pretty, so here’s a raw info dump. It is so raw we are bringing out the dreaded “bullet point” in lieu of the elegant “section mark.” Like they said in the trailer for EVAN ALMIGHTY, be prepared for “Persistant […]

A few more Toronto things

Even though we couldn’t go, the recent Toronto Con was so well blogged, we might as well have been there! Reading all the blogs is like everything but the oysters. A few more links people have sent us: •