Long ago, we linked to Herk Harvey’s Shake hands with danger!, an unforgetable ’70s safety film, that taught us about drive shafts and reading the service manual at all times. Well, just in case you couldn’t get enough of the proper way to grease an axle, Boing Boing links to a complete version and then this edited down dance version which includes all the glory of (ba-dong-a-bong-a-dong-a-dong) “Three-FInger Joe.”

We’ve been doing a bit of our own shaking hands with danger here at Stately Beat Manor. Some foes long thought vanquished are stirring in cold Tunguska. Friends we thought were standing by have had to see to their own perils in Cajamarca and Gyor. It’s a long, empty night and a lot of work to do, and there’s only one thing keeping us going: Ice Road Truckers!

Jackknifing, breakdowns and accidents are commonplace. Last year, because of the effects of global warming, the ice road was closed early, leaving hundreds of tons of supplies stuck at the dispatch station. Since the terrain in this region is virtually impenetrable, and there are so few paved roads, the only way for supplies to reach the mines is by traveling over the ice road. The entire industry depends on the weather and the courage of the ice road truckers, who go 48-hour stretches with no sleep and who constantly hear the cracking of the ice right beneath their wheels.

Yeah baby! GIANT TRUCKS FALLING THROUGH THE ICE! That’s what I’m talking about. Shake hands with danger! We’re taking it to 12! Yeeeeee haaaaaaaa.


  1. Even though I’ve never met you in person, Heidi, when I saw a commercial promoting that show, I thought to myself, “I bet that’s something the Beat would be into.”


  2. It’s crazy how a big ass truck going 4 mph can be nerve-racking, but somehow true life is stranger than fiction.