Okay, who’s going where? Heroes Con in Charlotte, or WW Philly?

Sound off in the comments. Also, first time posters are still being modded.


  1. I was going to Heroes until they more then Doubled the booth price from last year from $200 to $500. Plus the guest list is weaker this year.

  2. I’m heading out to Heroes with a number of my fellow New England comic fans. Always a fun, friendly show which celebrates the world of comics.

  3. Heading to Heroes, in the corner pocket from the looks of it. Just walk in, run to the back wall, hang a right, then run some more. I’ll bring clay monkey pirate with me (but Pete took some battle damage and will need to stay home).

  4. Heroes all the way! Indie Island is growing every year. Dustin said he’s working towards a goal to make it the biggest collection of indie cartoonists and publishers outside of San Diego.

  5. We’ll be at Heroes in booths 101-104. We will have thousands of $5 trades and $10 hardcovers for sale. We’ll be the booth with the big sign that says “$5 Trades and $10 Hardcovers” :)

  6. In a last-minute decision I’ll be shrugging off the drawing table and bopping down to Philly on Saturday. I can’t stay away from my old hometown show, no matter how hard I try ;)

  7. Philly for me. And it was a decision based on pure economics: my uncle lives in Philly ergo I wouldn’t have to pay for room & board. Of course my best friend just moved to Charlotte so next year it’s HereosCon all the way!

  8. Heroes. Granted they don’t have the line up they had last year which was not helped by a bunch of big names bailing at the last minute to go to Philly (**ahem, hi Heidi). Regardles it will be fun!