Even though we couldn’t go, the recent Toronto Con was so well blogged, we might as well have been there! Reading all the blogs is like everything but the oysters. A few more links people have sent us:” target=”_blank”>Danny Truong photos and report
Jason Truong report and photos
Many photos by Jamie Coville including the one above, of Diana Tamblyn, Mariko Tamagi and Cecil Castellucci.
Diana Tamblyn
Stuart Immonen
Ramon Perez
Cecil Castellucci
• Marv Wolfman Day One, Day Two, Day Three
Tania Del Rio. BTW Tania was the victim of some thoughtless shits who jumped ahead of her in the shuttle line, and they should really be ashamed of themselves! I mean it is a pretty minor etiquette infraction, but I know for sure they were American, because Canadians are the most polite people on earth!