Matt Brady has the sad news and a touching remembrance:

Daniel Robert Epstein, one of Newsarama’s writers (as well as a writer for many other sites) died this morning. Details about his death are still coming together, but Dan was found late last night by his wife Andrea. He was 31, soon to be 32.

Dan was, simply, a machine. He threw himself into his stories, and cranked out dozens per month for us here at Newsarama, UGO, SuicideGirls, FilmStew and others. He would hit up directors, actors, writers, comic artists, producers, musicians and…well, anyone for a story. His passion showed through his work, and sometimes, carried his interviews off on interesting, highly personal tangents.

My personal interactions with Epstein were fleeting, but his work was outstanding…he was one of the few “website” journalists whose work stood head and shoulders above the rest, and it was no mystery why he got the big interviews time after time. His voice will be missed, and I send my condolences to his family and friends.