Ghost Rider creator sues for ownership

In 2001, writer Gary Friedrich said Well, there’s some disagreement between Roy, Mike and I over that [the origin of Ghost Rider]. I threatened on more than one occasion that if Marvel gets in a position where they are gonna make a movie or make a lot of money off of it, I’m gonna sue […]

Top Shelf ’08

Top Shelf has announced some of their 2008 offerings, and the list is strong. Here’s an edited list: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Volume III): Century #1 (of 3) by Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill Beginning In 2008… The third volume detailing the exploits of Miss Wilhelmina Murray and her extraordinary colleagues, Century, is a […]

Quitely and WE3 questions: ANSWERED

While we were researching our Easter post, we came across several bits of art from WE3 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, probably the greatest mainstream comic of the past three or four years. And we wondered, what was Frank Quitely up to? And lo and behold, Newrarama catches up with Frank Quitely. And then […]

When they were Kings

Mark Evanier posts one of the photos from his upcoming Jack Kirby biography. For a bigger persion go to Mark’s blog. The picture is from the 1975 San Diego Con award ceremony — Siegel, Eisner, Steranko, Stan, Jack and Gil Kane, all as big as life, along with other luminaries like Bob Clampett, June Foray […]

Rabbi examines Jewish themes in comics

Rabbi and scholar Harry Manhoff examines the Jewish heritage in comics: “I knew there were Jewish authors and artists (in comic books),” recalls Manhoff, 55. “But I didn’t know they were in publishing and distribution. Jews got involved in comic books (in the late 1930s) because many could not get into legitimate publishing.” Now Manhoff, […]

Johnny Hart Remembered

Much much remembrance to mark the passing of cartoonist Johnny Hart. The syndicate has already announced that his two strips — B.C. and The Wizard of ID — will continue. Family members had already been assisting him for years. Endicott native Johnny Hart was 76 when he died over weekend. Family members say he was […]

Take that!

Limited posting today because, well…because. In the meantime, Hollywood analyses GRINDHOUSE’s box office failure — a mere $11 mil at the box office. It’s this year’s SNAKES ON A PLANE, and no one wants that. Sometimes-accurate Nikki Finke grills a contrite Harvey Weinstein: Weinstein pointed to several reasons why Grindhouse did so poorly in theaters […]