While we were researching our Easter post, we came across several bits of art from WE3 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, probably the greatest mainstream comic of the past three or four years. And we wondered, what was Frank Quitely up to? And lo and behold, Newrarama catches up with Frank Quitely.

And then we wondered, hey what ever happened to the WE3 movie? And LO AND BEHOLD, film ick reviews the script at length:

Grant Morrison has adapted his comicbook miniseries We3 into a feature script for New Line, and I’ve been lucky enough to read a copy. Luckier still, it’s amazing. It’s even better than the source material. In fact, this is the single best unproduced script I have ever read. Yep. And I really mean it.

What’s so great? The answer to that, if I’m really going to cover it, is very long. I’ll do my best, though, and I’ll share whatever I think is fair to share from the script – so expect some minor spoilers, certainly as regards the first two thirds of the plot.