UPDATE from the floor 1:45

Reporting live from the press room at New York Comic-Con. The line this morning was long, but everyone seems to have gotten in. There are traffic jams near Marvel and DC as there would be at any convention, but osmosis has created a fairly consistent density of people throughout the rest of the hall. It’s […]

NYCC: What happened Friday

Not much time to blog this morning. Still at home, but just got a call from someone on the scene who says the line to get in stretches to 40th Street and the West Side Highway. From yesterday, so far no disasters. People were lined up at 7 am to get in, and there was […]

Frank Miller update

You’ll notice Frank Miller hasn’t been making many of the 300 festivities around the world — that’s because he’s at home recuperating from serious hip and leg injuries, according to EW. Miller did talk to Steve Daly about the Spirit movie a little: “I’ve written a first draft of the screenplay. I’m working on the […]


New York Comic-con may well be the first convention in history to sell out before a single fan has been let in. The Saturday of the show is SOLD OUT, as in there are no more advance tickets available. We heard that tickets for Saturday were selling for $75 on eBay but haven’t seen the […]