Pogo from FBI, designed by Smith

HOORAH! Fantagraphics Books is pleased to announce that it has acquired the rights to publish a comprehensive series comprising Walt Kelly’s classic POGO comic strip. The first volume of Fantagraphics’ POGO will appear in October, 2007, and the series will run approximately 12 volumes. Each Pogo volume will be designed by Jeff Smith, the award-winning […]

The Crumbs at the NYPL

Anne Ishii has a hilarious write-up on last nights Aline Koominsky Crumb and R. Crumb summit at the Library: Anyway, the Crumbs’ conversation was as much about their bizarre lifestyle as it was about their mobius strip of paper that is the art they create. Really fascinating stuff…until almost two hours into the night’s event […]

The Ormes Society

Cheryl Lynn, a.k.a Digital Femme, isn’t just our co-worker at PW COMICS WEEK. She’s also one of the smartest voices out there. Now she might just be starting something important. It seems that while there are gay cartoonists, and women cartoonists and black cartoonists, there is one kind of cartoonist that you have to search […]

Santo, Jay Stephens get new ‘toons.

The Cartoon Network held their upfronts yesterday and announced five new shows and lots of other stuff: Cartoon Network today announced its programming line-up for 2007 at its annual Upfront event in New York City. The slate will offer five new original series, including Re-Animated, an extension of the network’s first movie featuring live-action and […]

DreamHaven break-in

DreamHaven is a bookstore in Minneapolis that is a haven for fantasy, SF and comics, and has served as a great friend to many creators. Now, Neil Gaiman reports it needs a little support back. We had a break-in on Saturday night. They got a bit of cash but wreaked terrible havoc on the store […]

Rand Homes Retrospective to be held in March

Harold Hedd creator Rand Holmes will be the subject of a retrospective art show on Lasqueti Island from March 17 & 18, 2007. Influenced by the EC stylings of Wally Wood and Will Eisner, Holmes was a pioneer of underground comics, and a much underrated artist. Rand Holmes, famous Canadian counter-culture cartoonist and creator of […]

Jim Mahfood art on Sarah Silverman

Jim Mahfood sends word that one of his paintings will be seen on plasme TVs around the nation: Check out Sarah Silverman’s hilarious new show on Comedy Central Thursday nights. I did a mural on the wall of the coffee shop where her and her friends hang out, and some of my paintings are hanging […]

Ian hangs it up

Ian Brill, whom we once called “our finest young blogger” is hanging up his blogging pants. Folks, it’s been a blast but things are changing. I am on the verge of becoming a college graduate. I already have something of a writing career going on. This blog has become more and more redundant to me. […]

Things to read on the internet

§ PWCW and Comic Foundry writer Laura Hudson has just launched a blog,Myriad Issues, which we have bookmarked. She already posted our favorite Valentine’s Day cover, a SUPERGIRL issue which shows that Kara’s just a lonely cat lady waiting to get old. § James Urbaniak reveals the sordid details of his NYCC appearance. § What […]

RIP Peter Ellenshaw (1913-2007)

Cartoon Brew has a nice tribute to Peter Ellenshaw, who died this week: Ellenshaw is best known for his incredible matte paintings in Disney live action films ranging from The Story of Robin Hood through 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and Mary Poppins (above). His work can also be seen in Spartacus, Superman IV and […]

RIP Emiko Sugi

Manga-ka Emiko Sugi died on the 10th of stomach cancer at age 47. Although little of her work was translated into English, she was the auther of several popular shojo manga Dirk digs up the most information: So near as I can tell, the only published work by Emiko Sugi to appear in English is […]

300 screens at WonderCon

For those undaunted bt the film’s German reception, a few lucky folks will get to see it early at WonderCon. WonderCon, Northern California’s largest comic book and pop culture convention, has teamed with Warner Bros. Pictures to offer attendees an opportunity to see a special advanced screening of the epic action adventure inspired by graphic […]

300: Ich bin NEIN Berliner — UPDATED

300 had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival last night, but according to Cinematical, an earlier press screening did not go well: It started shortly after the opening credits; small groups of folks began heading for the door. It got worse when the main villain appeared on screen and all the audience could […]

Nicolas Cage stands up for OUR KIND

We’ve given Nicolas Cage a little bit of a ribbing over the years, but it turns out the Ghost Rider star — who famously had to give up his valuable comics collection when he married Lisa Marie Presley — is really willing to let his geek flag fly. At the recent GHOST RIDER junket, Cage […]

Morning in Hollywood

Official word that Sylvain “STOMP THE YARD” White is set to make a RONIN movie: Sylvain White, hot off the hit “Stomp the Yard,” has come aboard to develop with an eye to direct “Ronin,” a big-screen, live-action adaptation of the Miller miniseries. Nunnari and his Hollywood Gang shingle have a script by Peter Aperlo, […]

Caped Crusader sighting terrorizes schoolchildren

A mysterious Batman sighting caused three Arizona school to be shut down: To an Arizona middle school, Batman! Three schools in the north Phoenix suburb of Cave Creek were on lockdown for about 45 minutes Wednesday morning after a student at Desert Arroyo Middle School reported seeing a person dressed as Batman run across campus, […]