Manga-ka Emiko Sugi died on the 10th of stomach cancer at age 47. Although little of her work was translated into English, she was the auther of several popular shojo manga Dirk digs up the most information:

So near as I can tell, the only published work by Emiko Sugi to appear in English is a chapter she wrote for the how-to book Mezase!! Manga no Hoshi, which was recently published Stateside by Viz Media under the title Shojo Beat’s Manga Artist Academy. There’s rather little information available online about Ms. Sugi; she debuted as an artist in 1977 and seems to have specialized in tittilating shoujo manga; reviews what sounds like a typical Emiko Sugi manga series, Ubu Ubu, about a high-school girl who aspires to be a famous nude model.

According to ComiPress her works have sold over 18,000,000 volumes.