§ PWCW and Comic Foundry writer Laura Hudson has just launched a blog,Myriad Issues, which we have bookmarked. She already posted our favorite Valentine’s Day cover, a SUPERGIRL issue which shows that Kara’s just a lonely cat lady waiting to get old.

§ James Urbaniak reveals the sordid details of his NYCC appearance.

§ What does Sandman smell like? Probably something likethis. Surely, his fans do!

§ Only Kevin Huizenga escapes unsacthed from the wrath of the Portland Mercury.

§ The AP sent out a nice obit for Archie artist Joe Edwards:

Joe Edwards, an artist who worked on the 1942 debut issue of Archie comics and later created the character Li’l Jinx, has died. Edwards, who was 85, died Feb. 8 at his home after years of treatment for heart problems, said his son, Todd Edwards.

A Manhattan native, Edwards served in the Army during World War II, illustrating training manuals. While based in Italy, he drew animated cartoons warning of minefields around Naples.

Edwards worked for Demby Studios, which produced comic book stories for a number of publishers, and then joined the former MLJ Comics, the precursor to Archie Comics.

Todd Edwards said his father always carried a sketch pad, and despite failing health in later years, would delight doctors and nurses with sketches drawn personally for them. “He loved it when he could make people smile,” his son said.


  1. Black Phoenix really does do some awesome perfumes (I own wayyyy too many), but there’s a minor error in the article – the Gaiman-themed scents do not presently include anything from The Sandman. (There is an unrelated Oneiroi in their Somnium line, tho’)

    There’s a handful of scents inspired by American Gods (I’ve Mr Jacquel on order) and two scents from Anansi Boys presently available, with both Boys scents incorporating lime at Gaiman’s request. He’s working with his people to allow Beth to put out her Stardust themed ‘fumes.

    It’s also worth noting that all profits from perfumes from the Gaiman collection go to the CBLDF.