Harold Hedd 2 1StHarold Hedd creator Rand Holmes will be the subject of a retrospective art show on Lasqueti Island from March 17 & 18, 2007. Influenced by the EC stylings of Wally Wood and Will Eisner, Holmes was a pioneer of underground comics, and a much underrated artist.

Rand Holmes, famous Canadian counter-culture cartoonist and creator of Harold Hedd comics, was laid to rest on Lasqueti Island, B.C., five years ago. Most of his artwork remains undisturbed on the remote island where he spent his last twenty years. His family and friends in the island community now want to share his artistic legacy with the rest of the world during a two-day exhibit on March 17 & 18 at the Lasqueti Community Hall.

Holmes and his wife Martha moved to a homestead in the Inland Passage in 1982 to get away from the rat race and back to the land. Far from his former life as star cartoonist at the Georgia Straight in Vancouver, Holmes continued to produce pen and ink illustrations for comic books and magazines. During his last decade, he began making surreal oil paintings using the old fashioned methods of the great masters. They were slow laborious creations, which took months to complete. He refused to title or describe them, for fear of weakening their visual symbolism. They are now mute testaments to his inner visions.

Some of these and other paintings (still-lifes, landscapes, and scenes of island life) were sold or traded to neighbors as barter for goods or services, but very few have left the island. They will be shown all together for the first time at this Retrospective and Celebration of the Life of Rand Holmes. There will also be on display examples of his comic book pages from Slow Death Funnies, White Lunch Comix, Fog City Comics and Harold Hedd, along with his editorial and political art from the Georgia Straight and Vancouver Star, and collections and foreign editions of his work.

It is a national treasure trove of art. For more information, email [email protected]. Inquiries about Rand Holmes’ art can be made through the Denis Kitchen Art Agency at [email protected]


  1. Harold Hedd 2 was one of the funniest comics ever produced and should be reprinted. I laffed my ass off at it in high school. Ok, so maybe it was one of the funniest comics ever produced for twisted teenaged minds. I’m 53 now and remember it fondly and I still haven’t found my ass.

    Not only was it great fun and marvelously drawn, but Holmes really knew how to tell a story. For those interested in visual storytelling, its worth a study.

  2. I’d love to see a retrospective of Homes’ art.Too bad it’s on an island with no paved roads and a population of 367. According to wikipedia, “Transportation on the island is limited. It is neither tourist friendly nor tourist hostile. Should you desire to visit the island it is recommended that you be somewhat self-sufficient. Potable water may be scarce at times, in different places on the island. One must take food along, because no real markets exist on the island, just an informal food cooperative.”

    Kerry M

  3. Sounds great. This is one exhibit I’d really like to see. If anyone with an older model Sikorsky helicopter or PBY flying boat is heading up that way please stop by and pick me up. I have my own parachute. I’ll meet you the day before the exhibit in middle of the Sheep Meadow in Central Park about 100 yards due Noth of the inoperative water fountain. Thanks.