What 300 means

Speaking of Warner Bros, we’re been seeing a lot of articles that state that 300, the CGI-beefcake-palooza film, has a lot resting on its mighty-thewed shoulders. After the floperoos of ALEXANDER and TROY, it’s seen as the last gasp for sword-and-sandal epics. (A smaller budget, in great part due to the lack of stars and […]

NEWS FLASH: Levy on Scarlet Speedter

Shawn Levy, hot of the blockbuster NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM has been named as the new director of the FLASH movie. This comes on the heels of David S. Goyer announcing he was off the picture. Sources said that Levy, who before “Museum” had been known for such comedies as “Cheaper by the Dozen” and […]

Art comics worthy of study?

Spinning off the recently concluded Masters of American Comics show, Richard Corliss has a very long article on Time asking whether comics are any good. In The Great Comic Book Heroes – a greatly comic and, in its way, heroic book – Jules Feiffer describes the odd spectacle of middle-aged men “who continue to be […]

Riot Redux

Johanna’s post on the closing of the comics shop Riot has led to quite a discussion in the comments based on what is considered insider skepticism over some of owner Jason Richards tactics. Along the way the difficulty of launching a comics shop are discussed. The only people willing to do it have to be […]

Erin Hunter at Tokyopop

Tokyopop and Harper Collins are teaming on a new manga series based on the bestselling fantasy books by Erin Hunter: KITTY!!! TOKYOPOP, the leader of the Global Manga Revolution and HarperCollins Publishers, one of the top English-language publishers in the world, are pleased to announce the May 2007 release of Warriors: The Lost Warrior, the […]

Links of note

§ This reader was not a fan of The Geppi Entertainment Museum: You see at museums they put up signs/plaques that explain things. As a visitor, you really aren’t ever expected to read every plaque, but you scan them and when you see something interesting you normally stop and read it. So it was extremely […]

Veitch brings back SHINY BEASTS

Another gem from the vaults courtesy of Rick Veitch:0 Hot on the heals of the successful release of ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN, King Hell Press will solicit a companion volume titled SHINY BEASTS, collecting all the fully painted comics that Rick Veitch did for EPIC Magazine. “What I found after publishing ABRAXAS”, said Veitch, “is […]

We’re in terrible danger

Director Joel Schumacher is said to be “Eyeing Neil Gaiman’s Sandman”. The IESB had the opportunity to speak with veteran director Joel Schumacher during the press junket for The Number 23 today in Los Angeles. Amongst the many things that I had to ask Joel big on my list was what other comic book character […]


Eva the Deadbeat interviews James Kochalka at the opening of Fine Toon: The Art of Vermont Cartoonists opening at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe Vermont.

Really Stupid British Comics

Mister Kitty looks at some very unfortunate English Christmas comics for girls: As a special Christmas treat for you, Mister Kitty takes a look at annuals from a vanished industry that many people outside England never knew existed – British girls comics. For almost fifty years publishers like IPC and DC Thompson were cranking out […]

What people are talking about…in Finland

Once in a while, before we turn in, we like to see what people are clicking on — particularly people in places like Turkey and Pakistan. It turns out this post gets a ton of traffic from Google. In fact, if you Google “Disney s*x” in Sweden, we’re the #4 result. Disney s*x would seem […]

Might not know it now, baby I’m a star

Is there any question that Prince is the only living human who could go on stage during halftime at the Super Bowl wearing an AUNT JEMIMA HEAD SCARF — possibly because it was raining and he didn’t want to ruin his hair — and still be cool as hell? Plus he was wearing a turquoise […]