200702050329Director Joel Schumacher is said to be “Eyeing Neil Gaiman’s Sandman”. Sandman

The IESB had the opportunity to speak with veteran director Joel Schumacher during the press junket for The Number 23 today in Los Angeles. Amongst the many things that I had to ask Joel big on my list was what other comic book character he would like to tackle? The response – Neil Gaiman’s Sandman!

Considering that THIS is what happened last time Schumacher came near a comic book movie, we are just saying…NO.


  1. That this hack thinks he should be allowed to direct ANYTHING again, much less a comics adaptation, shows that he is sadly out of touch with just how reviled he is.

  2. Oh, dear god. I just heard the sound as if thousands of goths cried out as one in mopey anguish and then were silenced. Forever.

  3. Evan Meadow said:”Somehow I think Neil Gaiman has already said no to this and squashed it like the bug it is.”

    I so hope you’re correct.

  4. i think schumacher’s always been a talented director – but can’t argue with your not wanting him to do it. the man himself even apologized for batman and robin. ugh. hopefully, the #23 will be more “tigerland” than B&R. but it could be worse. it could be paul anderson (AvP, not “Boogie Nights”).

  5. For what it’s worth…

    I read that many of the decisions Schumacher made with his Batman movies were passed down from above – particulary the “campy” nature of them. He was asked to make a Batman movie for kids. Had he been asked to make a dark, serious Batman movie, he would have.

    This is just hearsay, however. Cannot confirm.