Some things to do today: Pekar, Wrightson, Rushkoff

NYC: Douglas Rushkoff signs at Barnes and Noble, Aster Place Feb 28: Barnes and Noble, Astor Place. 7pm Talking about Testament (volume 2) and Get Back in the Box (now in paperback). Columbus, OH: “A Conversation with Harvey Pekar” Wednesday, February 28, 2007 7:00 pm Mershon Auditorium Free! Booksigning immediately following the presentation Harvey Pekar […]

Rick Olney at it again

While we don’t expect anyone to dive into the Legendary Rick Olney thread at CBR, Graeme has a mini round-up, but even BETTER, Olney himself has waded right into it, by YET AGAIN ANNOUNCING A CONVENTION (one of his most notorious maneuvers is cancelling cons at the last minute), and swearing he has a venue, […]

BONE game NOT to DS

Well we had this link all set to go about how the Bone game is being ported to the DS, but Wired reportsIT IS NOT TRUE. UPDATE: Wired News followed up on this release with Telltale, who says that GamesIndustry has their facts mixed up, and Bone is not coming to DS. Xider will, however, […]

James Jean cleans up at Spectrum Awards

The Spectrum Awards, which are presented for the best in fantastic art in several categories, including comics, advertising and book covers, were judged this weekend, and some familiar names are in the winners circle. James Jean won Gold Medals in both Advertising and Editorial, and the Silver in Comics. Pictureed: the judges. The jury for […]

Get well soon Arnold Drake!

Ken Gale sends word that legendary comics writer Arnold Drake is in the hospital: Arnold Drake is in Cabrini Hospital in New York City with what his daughter called “a touch of pneumonia.” He was found collapsed, but conscious on the floor of his apartment by a neighbor (thank you, Mr. Hennessy). He is still […]

NYCC Picture parade Days 2 & 3

Crowds, sunlight and stormtroopers. What more could you want to create that eaux-de-comic-con? More pictures in the jump.

William Shatner is a jerk, but he’s hilarious

Fans of the inimitable Shatner will enjoy this clip of him doing a voiceover recording and then putting a clueless producer in his place, as Robin Quivers and Howard Stern guffaw in glee. As Robin and Howard point out, Shatner is being a total dick, and yet he’s kind of within his rights as well. […]

NYCC: Voices, visions

Tom has a huge link dump for the just completed second New York Comic-Con, and when we were down and out and too sick to go on we knew it would be okay because afterwards we could just read about what we missed online. Almost better than the real thing. Anyway, you are probably already […]

Nicholas Gurewitch interview

The Daily Cross Hatch catches up with The Perry Bible Fellowship’s Nicholas Gurewitchm revealing its Maine origins and more: I like to think that maybe, when those children go into the sewer, to find the Ninja Turtles, that the grotesque last frame representsbad decision making, or some bigger ideal. I’m often offended by material that […]

Marvel profits drop in 4Q

ICv2 has a succinct write-up on Marvel’s 4Q financials. Publishing was up, but not enough to offset big losses in licensing revenue. Driven by strong sales for Civil War and increased penetration of the bookstore market, publishing revenues for Marvel Entertainment were up 22% vs. 2005 in the fourth quarter of 2006 and nearly 18% […]

Fantagraphics launches defense fund

Fantagraphics is launching a defense fund to help pay for Harlan Ellison’s lawsuit against them: We want to emphasize that at the core of this dispute is freedom of expression. Depending upon how much time you have to look at and scrutinize the facts, you can click on the link above and then click on […]

Still playing catch-up

Okay, the cough is healing, the sore tendons loosening up, the brain matter is beginning to settle into a recognizable pattern…but we’re still behind schedule because the flesh is weak. So weak. So…a little light catch-up posting today, our big wrap-up tomorrow, and normalcy after that…we hope.

JLA movie in the works

Variety reports screenwriters Kiernan and Michele Mulroney (MR. AND MRS> SMITH) have been hired to write a JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA script. But the team of WB superstars brings new problems! In taking on the ambitious project, Warner faces several conundrums. Warner Senior VP Dan Lin will oversee for the studio. Now that the Batman […]

Sci Fi teams with Virgin

More pacting and branding announced this weekend. SCI FI Channel, the television network dedicated to fueling the imagination, is teaming up with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Comics to create a forward-thinking, co-branded multimedia partnership called SCI FI/Virgin Comics. The announcement was made today by Dave Howe, SCI FI Executive Vice President and General Manager and […]

RIP: Harlan Stone

Via Archie pr: Harlan Stone, a longtime radio actor best-known as “Jughead” on the Archie Andrews show, died Wednesday from complications of valve transplant surgery. He started out as a child model and went on to direct TV commercials. Hal wrote a book called “Aw…Relax, Archie! Re-laxx!” which chronicalled his life in entertainment. He was […]

We’re back!

Alive and more or less in one piece. We had a Black Plague relapse which prevented us from doing much at the con yesterday. We’ll have fuller comments later on, but the major log line is no big disasters, a few smaller ones, and everyone pretty much happy. Attendance guestimates we heard were somewhere in […]