Fantagraphics is launching a defense fund to help pay for Harlan Ellison’s lawsuit against them:

We want to emphasize that at the core of this dispute is freedom of expression. Depending upon how much time you have to look at and scrutinize the facts, you can click on the link above and then click on Update 2 to look through the court documents that support the two anecdotes over which Ellison is suing.

We have engaged in the first legal skirmish between October ’06 and February ’07, and our first motion to dismiss the suit has been denied by the court on technical grounds, without reaching the merits, so we are in it for the long haul. We have no doubt that when it goes to a jury trial, we will prevail; Ellison’s lawsuit against us is even more absurd than the original lawsuit Michael Fleischer filed against us and Ellison in 1980. Already, however, the suit has cost us in the mid-five figures, and a quality defense will require considerably more money than that.

You can help support Fantagraphics by donating or buying their books. Other suggestions in the link.


  1. I love Harlan Ellison and his work, and I love Fantagraphics and what they do for the art of Comics. I am distressed by lawsuits between parties in which neither side is in a great position to AFFORD such lawsuits (and their repercussions) in the first place.

    I can’t help but think Fantagraphics wouldn’t find themselves in such a position if they didn’t always feel a need to project this “wiseass” persona in their publicity and their cover copy–let your work speak for itself, guys, it saves on litigation costs!

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