200702281133Well we had this link all set to go about how the Bone game is being ported to the DS, but Wired reportsIT IS NOT TRUE.

UPDATE: Wired News followed up on this release with Telltale, who says that GamesIndustry has their facts mixed up, and Bone is not coming to DS. Xider will, however, release the formerly download-only game in a retail box in Europe.

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  1. I actually played through both Bone games and I have to say that I didn’t like them. The first one was especially difficult. The game LOOKED great, but the designers a) didn’t give the player enough to do besides just follow the comic book, and b) didn’t give the player enough clues as to what to do when presented with a puzzle. I saw some large leaps and bounds made in the second game, and the same developers being on the excellent Sam and Max games, show that maybe they’ve learned some new tricks and will put out a great Bone 3 game. Here’s to hoping.

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