Ken Gale sends word that legendary comics writer Arnold Drake is in the hospital:

Arnold Drake is in Cabrini Hospital in New York City with what his daughter called “a touch of pneumonia.” He was found collapsed, but conscious on the floor of his apartment by a neighbor (thank you, Mr. Hennessy). He is still in intensive care as of today (February 28).

Arnold has been writing comics since the late ’40s. He’s written humor and adventure for all age groups from Batman to Jerry Lewis. He is the creator of Stanley and His Monster, Deadman, Doom Patrol and Beast Boy. He also wrote what is probably the first American graphic novel; “It Rhymes with Lust” was published in 1950 with art by Matt Baker and is due to be re-released by Dark Horse in a few weeks (March, 2007).

Send cards, letters and art to Arnold Drake, Cabrini Medical Center, 227 E. 19th St., New York, NY 10003.


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