So long, Boys — Ennis’s Statement

Newsarama reports THE BOYS has been cancelled: Newsarama has learned that Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s Wildstorm series, The Boys has been cancelled by DC, effective with issue #6 of the series, which is currently on shelves. Issues #7-#10, as well as the trade collection – all of which have been solicited – will not […]

Marvel announces FCBD comics

Comics fare for young and old — and Phil Jimenez at Marvel — highlight Marvels Free Comic Book Day offerings: Spider-Man 3 won’t be the only new Spider-Man tale swinging into the collective consciousness on the weekend of May 5, 2007. For the sixth annual Free Comic Book Day, Marvel’s rolling out a brand new […]

Gerhard leaves A-V

Jeff Tundis posted the following at the Cerebus Yahoo message board: Effective as of December 31st, 2006 Gerhard has parted ways with Aardvark-Vanaheim and long time partner Dave Sim. Dave is still in the process of gathering the funds necessary to buy out Gerhard’s 40% share of the company, but this will not affect the […]

Steve Gerber responds to Brevoort

A while ago, everyone linked to an interview with Marvel editor Tom Brevoort in which he told many insider stories, including one about Steve Gerber that was not very flattering to the latter. Well, Gerber recently responded to the tale at his blog, and he’s pretty gracious about it. About 98% of what Tom says […]

Wal-Mart caught selling yaoi!

Well, was, anyway. § Johanna has the scoop on Selling Porn! It seems picked up a bunch of Diamond products including some racy manga. CLick link for the whole story, including outraged bloggers. Is THIS the beginning of the end?

Personnel moves

§ Ruwan Jayatilleke has been upped to Vice President of Development, Publishing at Marvel. Congrats, Ruwan. § Viz announced a new VP of Content Management, Linda Espinosa. Espinosa will spearhead the strategy for acquired animation properties, providing creative direction for the Consumer Products division and supervising the Approvals and Content Management teams. Espinosa effectively joined […]

Intended audience reviews youth comics

Over at Newsarama, a couple of youngsters have reviewed all the all-ages comics at LUNCHBOX. We couldn’t find the ages of the reviewers given, but they seem to have differing tastes. Cow & Buffalo by Mark Maihack Tracy says: Stupid Cow + smart Buffalo = funny. I really enjoyed the early strips in black and […]

Al Davison demonstrates disabled martial arts

Martial Hearts Demo Al Davison is an English cartoonist who was born with spina bifida — doctors thought he would never walk — and his graphic novel THE SPIRAL CAGE chronicled growing up and struggling to be accepted as a whole person. Despite his handicap he’s studied martial arts for 30 years, and gained a […]

ALA lists Best Books for Young Adults

The Final YALSA list of top books for teens for 2007 is up, and there are several graphic novels in the list. We’ll let you click and find yourself. We will note that AMERICAN BORN CHINESE made the Top Ten list. Congrats again, Gene Yang and First Second!

Comics haters found

As you all know, it is the Age of the Graphic Novel, a time of peace, harmony and awards being heaped upon the comics. But even among the approbation, there are still a few doubters. It’s always good to remember the few that have resisted conversion to Our Way. For instance, we saw this recent […]

Kevin Smith starts diet

While no longer regaling us with daily updates on his BMs, Kevin Smith tells us about his diet. Here’s the thing: I’m thirty seven and I come from a long line of diabetics. My Father was diabetic; his sister, his brothers, his parents, their parents – all diabetics. And considering the amount of sugar I […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 1/24

§ Comics artist Tomm Coker turns out to have done the cinematics for the new 300: MARCH TO GLORY video game: On the technical and artistic front, 300 is a decent-looking PSP game. Despite the movie tie-in, this is a PSP original, so the artists weren’t constrained by the necessity of porting to other platforms. […]