While no longer regaling us with daily updates on his BMs, Kevin Smith tells us about his diet.

Here’s the thing: I’m thirty seven and I come from a long line of diabetics. My Father was diabetic; his sister, his brothers, his parents, their parents – all diabetics. And considering the amount of sugar I put into my body (pre-Christmas, I kid you not, I was laying around watching Oscar screeners and putting away two and sometimes three quarts of Ben & Jerry’s a day), I was just asking for it.

Smith takes a glucose tolerance test…and waits for the bad news.

After taking the test, I went to Jersey for a week to hit some Devils games and play some poker – all while ignoring the distinct possibility that I’d passed the point of no return, and had, indeed, developed diabetes. Today, I went to the doctor’s office for my weigh-in and to face down the test results…

Which I passed with flying colors.

Apparently, my body knows what to do with sugar: it stores it as fat. Not great, but very awesome, considering the alternative. It was a wake-up call. I’ve beat the genetic odds thus far, but just because you haven’t shot yourself yet doesn’t mean you keep playing Russian Roulette. I’m putting the gun down, folks: the gun that’s filled with cake frosting.

Smith lists 230 as his weight goal…we wish him all the best.


  1. From one Smith to another….I got Type II in 1999. I keep it in control with diet ,working out and medication. Glad to hear he’s taking care of it before it takes care of him.


  2. me too! have had type one for most of my life. had laser surgery (8 in each eye) because i was going blind , dialysis and most recenly a kidney transplant! it’s been a cool ride , meeting inspiring people and working through a lot of unusual experiences only strengthened me in every way possible. i am quite alive and extremely well! needless to say i eat right, exercise and wash with ivory (i don’t use ivory) and continue to do so…helps with mind/body. through this wild trip i kept up with illustration, animation and storytelling…all my experiences are grist for the mill. there is genetic tesing that is available today to see if you WILL become a diabetic…david had to test before he donated a kidney to me. it’s worth having it done if diabetes runs in the family. low carb is also good…the pancreas doesn’t have to stress to produce insulin. one theory for causing type two diabetes, overworked pancreas from consumption of high carb foods! my uncle tim hildebrandt recently passed…uncontrolled diabetes led to tons of complications…