§ Comics artist Tomm Coker turns out to have done the cinematics for the new 300: MARCH TO GLORY video game:

On the technical and artistic front, 300 is a decent-looking PSP game. Despite the movie tie-in, this is a PSP original, so the artists weren’t constrained by the necessity of porting to other platforms. The characters are fairly detailed and there are a lot running around and hurting each other at any given time. The comic-style cinematics are the work of Tomm Coker, and their style definitely evokes the original Frank Miller artwork and the uniquely stunning visuals of the upcoming film — see the trailer if you haven’t.

§ Meanwhile, manga-ka Shinji Mizushima, famedfor a long career producing sports manga, has become a real life commish, by backing a bew independent pro baseball league:

Mizushima has pulled some strings among his extensive personal network to select managers for the Hokushinetsu Baseball Challenge League, which consists of four teams from Niigata, Nagano, Toyama and Ishikawa prefectures.

Mizushima also has been helping to promote the new venture by drawing posters and will even feature the league–the second independent pro league in the nation after the Shikoku Island League, which began playing ball in 2005–in his serial comics.

24§ Handsome Olivier Martinez DESPERATE to play comics character!

Q: Do you like comic books (I guess this was asked because Hugh Dancy’s character in the film writes and draws graphic novels)?

Olivier: Oh yeah. I love them. The Marvel ones I know by heart. I don’t know why nobody has offered me a superhero [role]. Maybe it’s because I don’t speak the language. You don’t have superheroes in France. We have super cooks (laughs). It’s more an American vision. Captain Marvel.

§ Microsoft is launching an anti-piracy campaignusing the international power of comics:

Dubbed “Genuine Fact Files,” the campaign is now launching in the U.S. It went online last month in Italy, France, the U.K., Indonesia, Brazil, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Microsoft plans to draw attention to it through banner ads on its Web sites and promotional material that it will hand out through partners. By using comics, the company aims to make the message more accessible to a broader audience. They are black and white, in a style similar to newspaper comics.


  1. I like this Martinez quote:

    “It’s more an American vision. Captain Marvel.”

    I like it because, out of context, it sounds more like he’s free-associating than actually talking on point…”I enjoy Thai food. Beef salad deliciousness. Peanut sauce yummy good have some now.”

    I have no problem with this guy, I’m just funnin’.

  2. I think the artist is someone a bit Leonardi-esque, but not actually Leonardi. I want to say…Jeff Johnson.

    From what I remember of his comics work, Johnson always seemed to occupy the overlap in the great Venn diagram of Leonardi and The Dodsons (e.g.: noses). Dig out Justice League: A Midsummer’s Nightmare, if you can be bothered.


  3. Ooohhh if only there were such a role for Olivier Martinez. *Sigh* His accent prevents it, I think. But he would have made a great Gambit. (X-men).

    His best heroic role I think was Angelo Pardi in “The Horesman on the Roof”. So dashing and chivalrous. He would have been a perfect Cassanova or even perhaps Zorro.

    Thanks for the lovely article.

    Hello from Rollergirl