Amz Sm FcbdComics fare for young and old — and Phil Jimenez at Marvel — highlight Marvels Free Comic Book Day offerings:

Spider-Man 3 won’t be the only new Spider-Man tale swinging into the collective consciousness on the weekend of May 5, 2007.

For the sixth annual Free Comic Book Day, Marvel’s rolling out a brand new Spider-Man tale by the blockbuster creative team of Dan Slott (She-Hulk) and Phil Jimenez (New X-Men). Much like 2006’s Runaways/X-Men FCBD offering, the story in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: SWING SHIFT is steeped in continuity, yet accessible and enjoyable by all Spider-Man fans.

Slott, for one, is more than a bit excited about SWING SHIFT. “[It’s] unbelievable,” says the elated writer. “And, seriously, how can anyone pass this up? It’s got three of the biggest draws that I can think of: Spider-Man, Free Comic Book, and Phil Jimenez!”

Ma FcbdSpeaking of Jimenez, Slott leads the pack of fans who can’t wait to see Phil’s rendition of Spider-Man. “I am so psyched for this! I am a HUGE fan of Phil’s work! And the art that’s been coming in is AMAZING! I think this is going to be one of the sweetest things coming out on Free Comic Book Day– give-away or no.”

But Slott and Jimenez aren’t the only new faces joining Spidey with this year’s FCBD issue. Marvel Heroes editors Tom Brevoort and Steve Wacker are also onboard.

Is Wacker excited to be working on Spider-Man? “Absolutely. When the unholy Marvel trinity of Buckley, Gabriel and Quesada brought this idea up, I almost shoved Brevoort out the window out of sheer joy,” notes Wacker who’s been with Marvel since September. “FCBD has a great track record of tackling one of the most difficult challenges in comics: getting books into new readers hands. The whole team is working to make this an exciting taste of what’s to come.”

Phil Jimenez has been notably absent from Marvel since his work on NEW X-MEN. So what brings the superstar artist back to the House of Ideas? “Phil and I go back a few years, so we have a solid relationship,” adds Wacker, “but the heavy lifting was done by Lee, Ditko and Romita. They gave us one of the greatest characters ever in Spider-Man and if you approach just about any artist about working on the character, most jump at the chance.”

So what’s the SWING SHIFT all about? “It’s a fun, all-new, done-in-one adventure,” exclaims Slott. “I like to think of it as the perfect ‘chaser’ to your SPIDER-MAN 3 weekend.” Wacker divulges a bit more about the book’s plot: “It’s the birthday of someone very close to Peter, but the special day is ruined by the appearance of a new villain that will haunt Pete for months to come,” says Wacker.

But, wait! There’s more! Riding shotgun on Free Comic Book Day 2007 is a brand new Marvel Adventures book, Marvel Adventures Three-In-One! Featuring the triple threat of Iron Man, Hulk and Franklin Richards, the book promises to be a romp for fans of all ages!

Look for both Amazing Spider-Man: Swing Shift and Marvel Adventures Three-In-One at comic shops on May 5, 2007!

Written By Dan Slott
Art by Phil Jimenez & Andy Lanning
Cover by Phil Jimenez
Fan-favorite writer Dan (AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE; SHE HULK) Slott and Superstar Artist Phil (NEW X-MEN; Infinite Crisis) Jimenez bring you a brand new tale of danger and intrigue starring your favorite web-slinger…a tale that may just come back to haunt Spidey in the coming months.

First, Tony Stark must find out who or what is behind a mysterious series of thefts at Stark International of Brazil, but is the answer more than his alter-ego, the INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, can handle?
And in our second feature, brilliant scientist Bruce Banner has a secret side to his personality—an alter ego that’s capable of causing mass destruction—THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Can he keep the gamma-powered monster at bay while on the run from the authorities?
PLUS…we’ve got a story featuring Eisner Nominated FRANKLIN RICHARDS! Son of a Genius!
32 PGS/All Ages… FREE


  1. A brand new Marvel Adventures book? Do they mean that the Three-in-One book will have new stories for Free Comic Book Day, or do they mean that this will be a new ongoing book that is premiering for FCBD?