Underpants banned at school

Best headline ever, right? Well, it turns out that it refers to a high school where girls dressed as CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS were banned by the mean old principal: But in reality, principal Nicholas Restivo is simply an administrator who, on Superhero Day, had a problem with the way the three seniors were dressed. He issued […]

DC’s early 2007 collected editions line-up

DC just sent out a listing of the trades and GNs for early 2007 (Jan and Feb.) The list is long — we’re happy to see a collection for THE AMERICAN WAY, John Ridley’s very well received mini-series from Wildstorm, and collections of Batman books by Paul Pope and Sam Kieth. January instore: BATMAN: SECRETS […]

Filipino comics in the news

Continuing our trip through the vaults, we found this picture of the late Alfredo Alcala, Phil Yeh and The Beat at a 1994 signing for our book SECRET TEACHINGS OF A COMIC BOOK MASTER. During the research of the book I spent many hours interviewing Alfredo and learning about the history of Filipino comics. The […]

Wired’s Very Short Stories

WIRED mag, still the purveyor of futurist culture after all these years, invited 33 writers to write stories in 6 words. You can see the results here. Comics-type participants include Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Mark Millar, Howard Chaykin, etc, along with David Brin, Margaret Atwood and more. Many people have quoted Alan Moore’s […]

HELLBOY animated this weekend!

Matt Wayne writes to remind us that the first animated Hellboy movies, HELLBOY: THE SWORD OF STORMS airs this Saturday 10/28 at 9:30 on the Cartoon Network. Wayne talks about writing the film at Toon Zone. Director Tad Stones has been blogging all about it here. If you’re out partying, be sure to Tivo it!

Kyle Baker talks Davis and Aragones

Kyle Baker blogs about the CAPS banquet honoring Jack David and Sergio Aragones : Sergio and Jack told funny stories about their travels around the world. My favorite was the story about their trip to Mexico, and how Jack Davis held an umbrella over Sergio’s mother in the rain while she cooked for her son’s […]

Top Shelf settles with Great Ormond

Chris Staros writes to tell us that the copyright dispute over LOST GIRLS with the London children’s hospital to whom J.M. Barrie bequeathed rights to the play PETER PAN has been settled very amicably: Following very amicable discussions between the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (owners of the copyright to J M Barrie’s PETER […]

Around the world of comics

§ Jewish Week examines how Batman embodies Jewish values as explained by Rabbi Cary Freidman: Friedman argues that Batman instills in his audience some of Judaism’s most important moral values, using supporting examples from Torah, Talmud and other rabbinic commentary, and offers insight on how to incorporate those same values into their own lives. One […]

Project Rooftop’s costume contest

Project Rooftop is a site run by Dean Trippe and Chris Arrant which is given over to exploring superhero fashion and costume design — not a bad topic. They just announced a photographic Halloween costume contest whose results should be quite entertaining. I guess it was only a matter of time before we ventured into […]