Due out this year. Just think, now you can mail your electric bill with Elektra! That is dope!


  1. I’m surprised they didn’t have a stamp for Storm, to:
    a) Ride on the X-Men popularity
    b) Feature a female character that more people would recognize
    c) Have a non-white character (and no, the Hulk doesn’t count….)

  2. Spider-Woman?


    Bendis, you’ve gone too far!

    (What this really shows up, though, is Marvel’s lack of a truly iconic female superhero. Storm would be pretty good, I guess…)

  3. I’m getting a set framed alongside my DC set (I’ve had other sets for mailing, though, it’s just too great).
    THANKYOU for posting this. I’d read the list but not SEEN them. This is awesome.

    I’ve written about what I think of the choices here if anyone is curious:

    I’ll just say this now: Spider Woman – weird choice.

    Silver Surver… I may have to buy enough of these to make wall paper. How I love him.

  4. I’m going to quit commenting, but that’s a GREAT Thing image.

    God, I so love Ben. He’s the best.

    Thing and Silver Surver wallpaper. yeah…

    I don’t like heroes who wear costumes. I like heroes who ARE costumes.


  5. But, please, PLEASE, don’t put any of the “art” from those so-called Young Turks of the early 90’s (J.Lee, McFarlane, Liefeld, etc.)!