WIRED mag, still the purveyor of futurist culture after all these years, invited 33 writers to write stories in 6 words. You can see the results here. Comics-type participants include Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Mark Millar, Howard Chaykin, etc, along with David Brin, Margaret Atwood and more. Many people have quoted Alan Moore’s tale:

Machine. Unexpectedly, I’d invented a time

but is it SO wrong of us to say we enjoyed William Shatner’s?
Failed SAT. Lost scholarship. Invented rocket.


  1. She screams. I laugh. We die.

    Burning truck rolls…. No more church.

    Turd in hand, I walk alone.

    Voice of rage, but none listen.

    Brain soft and rotten. Ah drugs.

  2. Dead Bunnies Everywhere. Why Grandma why?

    Paris Hilton chugs cock on internet.

    Cigarettes: delicious. No future for me.