RIP Hilda Terry

Trina Robbins passes along word that comics pioneer Hilda Terry has passed away at the age of 92. I’m very sorry to inform you that pioneer woman cartoonist Hilda Terry passed away on October 13. Hilda’s strip, Teena, ran in national newspapers from 1941 – 1966, after which she became a pioneer computer animator, animating […]

More from Marshall, MO

Marshall Democrat-News editor Chuck Mason takes a stand: I’m no legal scholar but there is one thing I do know: censorship is censorship. I have no qualms with Louise Mills of Marshall, who objected to the two books and filed the necessary paperwork to bring the matter to the attention of the board of trustees. […]

Sfar and Trondheim leave L’Association

Tom translates a French article reporting on departure of two of the founding members of the groundbreaking alternative art collective. Stepping in to say these implied reasons are not true is Joann Sfar himself, who says that he left for a more fundamental reason: creative differences, in that the kind of comics he did at […]

Paul Gravett: Article – Gekiga: The Flipside Of Manga

Paul Gravett on gekiga: During the traumatic recovery after World War II, Japanese children escaped into Osamu Tezuka’s Disney-inspired manga as the perfect pre-TV entertainment. Manga books were pricey, so people took to hiring them from pay libraries. It was through demands from older customers that a very different strain of much darker, more socially […]

Marvel Zombies

John Jakala examines the evidence and explains why fan outcries don’t hurt Marvel when not backed up by speaking with your pocketbook. This is why Marvel will always win: Two months ago: “Screw Civil War. I am going to go spend my money on timely products made by companies that want my business.” Today: “I […]

SPX memories – Updated frequently

Johanna has a succinct but panoramic show report here: I’m still figuring out my reaction to the show… the new location was a nifty building, wonderful to stay in and beautiful, but the area wasn’t as convenient. There was no good food within walking distance, and going down the block to the corner meant seeing […]

BONE game is out for Mac!

Finally, God’s People can enjoy playing BONE: OUT FROM BONEVILLE, Telltale Games 3D adventure game. Via Macworld: Vanbrio Entertainment on Friday announced the release of Bone: Out from Boneville for the Macintosh. Based on Jeff Smith’s popular cartoon fantasy series, the 3D adventure game is available for download as a playable demo and costs $12.99 […]

The Ventures of Zimmerman

The Ventures of Zimmerman, a scanned-in strip about singer/songwriter Bob Dylan from the old Nat’l Lampoon by Tony Hendra, Sean Kelly and Neal Adams. This image, however, is by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. We don’t necessarily endorse the humor here, but everybody loevs those old comics scans, so here it is. Is it really […]