200610160121The Ventures of Zimmerman, a scanned-in strip about singer/songwriter Bob Dylan from the old Nat’l Lampoon by Tony Hendra, Sean Kelly and Neal Adams. This image, however, is by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. We don’t necessarily endorse the humor here, but everybody loevs those old comics scans, so here it is.

Is it really impossible to do this kind of thing with comics nowadays?
[Thanks to Hector for the link.]


  1. Heh, I remember reading that one back in ’72. But considering the first reply here played the “anti-Semitic” card, yeah, I’d say it really is impossible nowadays.

  2. If it isn’t anti-semitic, what is it? I read it too (back in 1980) and there are some funny moments. But most of the jokes have to do with what a money-grubbing Jew Bobby Zimmerman is. I’m sure this was “ironic” anti-semitism, like the “ironic” anti-black jokes of 1970s National Lampoon and SNL. But truth in labeling still requires calling the piece anti-semitic.

  3. Would “The Ventures of Zimmerman” be published today? NOPE. But then again, Mel Brooks would never get “Blazing Saddles” made today, either. People didn’t take it all so seriously back then.

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