We’re still a little zonked from SPX although we didn’t really do anything yesterday except yap on a panel and sit in a car. It is a rule of thumb that any car trip to SPX in a car full of indie cartoonists will take a MINIMUM of five hours and include THREE stops. There were be gas stops, piddle stops and snack stops. The three cannot be combined; that wouldn’t be indie. The trip did breeze by in the fine, fine company of Captain Mike Dawson, Tom K., and newcomer Aaron Gonzalez. Many thanks for all their help and roadtrip companionship. Thanks also to Douglas Wolk for the power bars, and Karen Sneider for helping me punch up my monolog — Karen is a pro, and it shows!

We have a lot of photos to ID (we seem to have lost our business card collection) and will have our full thoughts on SPX a bit later.


  1. I thought the show was a big success. Attendence was rumored to be the largest ever, and all the exhibitors I spoke with said they made good money.

    There also seemed to be a changing of the guard. Alot of the old regular attendees weren’t there, and the were a whole lot of new younger faces. Lots of art students, who all seemed to be very enthusiastic about the show.

    What happened to ICAF? Will they ever be a part of the show again?