200610160127Finally, God’s People can enjoy playing BONE: OUT FROM BONEVILLE, Telltale Games 3D adventure game. Via Macworld:

Vanbrio Entertainment on Friday announced the release of Bone: Out from Boneville for the Macintosh. Based on Jeff Smith’s popular cartoon fantasy series, the 3D adventure game is available for download as a playable demo and costs $12.99 to register and unlock.

The first installment of an episodic adventure series, “Bone: Out from Bonevilleâ€? follows the story of three cousins — Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone — who become separated in a desert. They find their way into a forested valley where they meet its unique inhabitants and uncover its secrets. The game is chock-full of puzzles, mini-games and surprises.

Go here to download demo and purchase.We dassn’t even try to play it now, but that doesn’t mean YOU can’t.