John Jakala examines the evidence and explains why fan outcries don’t hurt Marvel when not backed up by speaking with your pocketbook.

This is why Marvel will always win:

Two months ago: “Screw Civil War. I am going to go spend my money on timely products made by companies that want my business.”

Today: “I have to admit, seeing this [variant cover for Civil War #5] makes me want to go buy the next issue, if for no other reason then to watch Frank Castle kick some serious butt.”


In the comment section, Heidi Meeley explains:

At any rate, I have no intention of buying any more Civil War books. I will be very upfront about the fact that I will be looking at it in the store. My hubby and I will wander over to the local shop and talk it through in a group setting, where the owner allows us to do so. That is probably some breach of comic reading ettiquette, but so be it.

…In the meantime, the money I am saving not buying Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, New Avengers, and the ilk- I am able to spend buying books from the new Virgin Comics imprint as well as IDW titles. Those publishers have won me over.


  1. If you must buy Marvel Comics, put down that Civil War issue, and pick up an issue of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane instead. Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men is also allowed.

  2. It blows my mind that Civil War is causing people to leave. Civil War is the first ever cross-over series that’s actually meant anything. This is the most meaningful thing, I think, that the big publishers have ever done.

    Hell, I’ve hardly been buying mainstream comics for the last four years. I stopped into some comic shops just as Civil War was starting and have been consistently blown away by the depth of the story and the larger statement about our country that is suggested in it.

    Civil War is justifying Marvel’s continued existence, as far as I’m concerned. All is forgiven.

  3. I am down to three Marvel titles, NextWave, Astonishing and Daredevil (plus Runaways in trade). As soon as any of those get a Civil War banner stuck on them, I’m gone. I put my first three issues of Civil War on ebay, hopefully they’ll net me some good money to hand over to First/Second, D&Q, or even DC!

    Crap! Forgot I get X-Factor too, and that one even had a Civil War tie-in, but I love it so much. Comics should come in injectable form and then people would really see how sad we are.

  4. On the Bendis board there was a thread about how Civil War is turning many likable heroes into unlikeable ones (particularly the pro registration side, Iron Man and Reed Richards in particular) and the friendly atmosphere between heroes is now destroyed.

    Sure it can all be “undone” at some point, but it might take Spider-Clone time to do that. We’ll have to see what kind of ending Millar has in store.

  5. >>I stopped into some comic shops just as Civil War was starting and have been consistently blown away by the depth of the story and the larger statement about our country that is suggested in it.

    Not to discount your thoughts on this, but Miller did it better on Ultimates, and it was more digestiable from a fan/continuity/I-am-such-a-geek standpoint because it was the “Ultimate” versions of the characters, and not the normal Marvel U characters with years of history and character development behind them.

  6. Hmmmm, welp, I just want to see The Punisher clean the tiny shrinking Marvel Universe’s clock myself. Buy that issue? If I can get the variant. If not, I’m going to sit on my nerd @ss and read it on my dealer’s time and money. Buy anything else with the bland red and white Civil War banner on it? Just the returned Punisher War Journal, the rest? Hell no! And sadly, I went from probably 30 to 40 titles to Punisher, Moon Knight and Ghost Rider. I guess in summation I’d say love the Civil War frission now, ’cause by this time next year Marvel will either be trying to do Civil War II or forget it happened…

  7. With the largely adult readership these days, are there still Marvel Zombies? Am I being Naive here? I mean when you’re 12 I can see a 12 year old rationale for being a Marvel Zombie but adults?

    That would be like being fanatically consumed by one football team rather than being a fan of footba………….. my stupid.

  8. Actually, I am fed up with crossover fever from both Marvel and DC, so here is my rule for new comic book purchases: the title must be creator owned.

  9. Peter, I thought your message was pretty funny. I still meet people who say things like “I pretty much just read Marvel.” Weird. I was like that as a kid, but I’ve been going back and buying up old DC in the quarter bins cuz its fun, too.

    Anyway, I normally think crossovers are awful, but Civil War is good. It’s true… they will ruin it with a sequel. It’s true, it’s hard to believe Reed would act this way. It’s possible to see Tony.

    On the other hand… people change. Believing we all stay consistent is foolish and awesome power (which they have now) is corrupting.

    I think the story is deep and important as it relates to the times. The extras at the back of issues really cinch the artistry of it all for me. Once Civil War is over, I’ll be trades only… for now, I’m in it to win it! Go CAP!!!

  10. Civil War is way better than HoM (which its only value is three words “No more mutans”) and Infinite Crisis (which is a total DC junkie road into oblivion, and for the record they should have waited for the regular artists to complete the issues, ala Civil War).