TO DO October 5-8

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5 –New York, NY: 5-7 pm. Signing with Greg Thompson (THE BOYS, HERO CAMP), Brett Lewis (WINTERMEN), Ivan Brandon (NYC MECH, 24/7), Andy MacDonald (24/7, NYC Mech) and Jeremy Haun (Leading Man, Civil War: Captain American/Iron Man) at Jim Hanley’s Universe, 4 E. 33rd St. Says Greg: Come and say hi. Brett and […]

Siegel at PNCA this weekend

This deserves its own post, a graphic novel symposium and 24-Hour Comics Festival Oct 5-8 at the Portland Northwest College of Art, with Mark Siegel, and other cartoonists including David Chelsea and Neal Skorpen. I’m about to fly off to Portland — a trip I always look forward to — to give some talks at […]

When they were kings

Just go listen to this. Just do it. You won’t regret it, I promise. Photo from the Jack Kirby Museum Upon listening to this we felt like we were hearing a new Beatles song for the first time, or watching John, Dan and Gilda on SNL, or Stephen Colbert vs Steve Carell on the Daily […]

Slave Labor publishes first digital comic

First it was just a few renegades like Phil Foglio and Carla Speed McNeill. Now it’s even publishers like Slave Labor who are ditching paper. SLG announced their first digital only comics, WHISTLES by Andrew Hussie, the tale of an “abused clown driven to senseless violence” that should appeal to the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac […]

Comics in Virginia Quarterly Review

Now even literary magazines, the last bastion of reading, are being invaded by comics! But the comics are cool and…well, literary. The Virginia Quarterly Review has been serializing Art Spiegelman’s “Portrait of the Artist as a Young %@?*!” A portion of it is online, and the new Fall issue just came out with a new […]

Shanower’s adventure in Troy

Eric Shanower’s account of his trip to the ruins of Troy is up in full, in four parts: A Cartoonist’s Adventures in Troy – Part OneA Cartoonist’s Adventures in Troy – Part TwoA Cartoonist’s Adventures in Troy – Part ThreeA Cartoonist’s Adventures in Troy – Part Four (the final part) It is very long, but […]

Garry Trudeau Blogs

But instead of blogging about breakfast or bands or the Invisible Girl’s costume, it will have an informational, shall we say, slant: As part of his attempt to inform Americans about the sacrifices servicemembers are making, Trudeau is launching a military blog on his Web site:, he said. The blog, which launches Oct. 8, […]

Gorillaz Autobiography

Cartoon band Gorillaz are releasing an autobiography with lots of illos by Jamie Hewlett: ‘Rise Of The Ogre’ will be written by the band themselves, and is set to be over 300 pages long, filled with colour illustrations. The illustrations will be provided by the group’s co-founder and creator of the ‘Tank Girl’ comic book […]

Cartoon trouble in Malta

Yet another cartoonist has run afoul of the local govenment after delivering a sharp visual mocking. This time it’s in Malta and the offending cartoonist is Maurice Tanti Burlò: Their press statement called for an apology from the Times’ editor Ray Bugeja over a cartoon depicting Sant as someone called Alfossa (fossa translating as cesspit), […]