200610030333Eric Shanower’s account of his trip to the ruins of Troy is up in full, in four parts:

A Cartoonist’s Adventures in Troy – Part One
A Cartoonist’s Adventures in Troy – Part Two
A Cartoonist’s Adventures in Troy – Part Three
A Cartoonist’s Adventures in Troy – Part Four (the final part)

It is very long, but you will learn how to remove a wart with fig sap. Now is as good a time as any to say that if you are not supporting AGE OF BRONZE, Shanower’s fascinating and gorgeous version of the Trojan War, you cannot call yourself a comics lover. In fact, you suck. There, we said it.


  1. I can’t recommend “Age of Bronze” strongly enough. Comic book is by far the best way to tell this story. A series like this can be long enough to include everything, where film versions must condense (The recent “Troy” movie included about two percent of what Shanower has already presented.) You instantly understand the architecture, clothing and weaponry, not only of the time period, but the differences between the cultures in the story. Shanower draws each character with their own identifying features (How easy is that in a cast of hundreds?) to make it easier to follow. I’ve read Homer’s version and plenty of other famous war novels, but this is the most compelling war story I’ve ever read. Two trades are out to bring you up to speed.
    – Gary