200610030312But instead of blogging about breakfast or bands or the Invisible Girl’s costume, it will have an informational, shall we say, slant:

As part of his attempt to inform Americans about the sacrifices servicemembers are making, Trudeau is launching a military blog on his Web site: www.doonesbury.com, he said. The blog, which launches Oct. 8, will be called “The sandbox” and will feature entries from servicemembers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“It’s important that people understand,” he said. “I think the wars are just too remote for people’s minds. They see two, three minutes on the evening news, maybe, if they don’t look away. And people just get on with their lives. I understand that; there’s just so much stress that you want in your life. But at the same time, there’s a lot of people over there fighting in our name, so I think we need to pay attention to what they’re doing.”

Darn him!

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  1. Dang that Trudeau and his magnanimous and sincere support for the troops! I’m starting to weaken. Next thing you know I’ll be a fan of his again!

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