Yet another cartoonist has run afoul of the local govenment after delivering a sharp visual mocking. This time it’s in Malta and the offending cartoonist is Maurice Tanti Burlò:

Their press statement called for an apology from the Times’ editor Ray Bugeja over a cartoon depicting Sant as someone called Alfossa (fossa translating as cesspit), to which scatological reference the Malta Labour Party has taken great umbrage.
Anyway, we all know that Mr Tanti Burlò is no admirer of Sant, but so what? Since when are cartoonists supposed to be in love with politicians?
It is true that Labour stands out as being disadvantaged with the Times. But what do you expect from the publishing house razed to the ground by Labour thugs after a scathing attack on the Times in a meeting held by the one and only Duminku Mintoff in 1979?

We’re a little hazy on Maltese politics, but it seems like editorial cartoonists are all too easy a target around the world in these parlous times.

More here, with a bit of the offending cartoon