300 trailer on line

Check it out quick,because it’s up on some Greek website we can’t even read. The footage is toned down a bit from what we saw at Comic-con — no topless women and decapitated heads flying through the air propelled on spurts of gore — but it does look…impressive. Very impressive. Violent yet lyrical and heroic. […]

Gail SImone updates Lea Hernandez benefit

Gail Simone has news of an impressive benefit for Lea Hernandez over at Newsarama: Lea’s family’s emotions have been all over the place, but the concern and heartfelt support of so many people has been one consistent bright spot. To that end, an Art And Other Stuff Auction has been organized, spearheaded by the amazing […]

The ’70s, a time of natural beauty

This link from The Groovy Age of Horror Censored Essentials has been going around the internets for a few days. Apparently, when Marvel reprinted an Essentials version of the TOMB OF DRACULA magazine, they took it upon themselves to cover the naked boobies drawn with loving care by Gene Colan with wispy shreds of cloth. […]

PERSEPOLIS stills on line

Sony Pictures Classics has up some still from the PERSEPOLIS animated film which is due out in 2007. Creator Marjane Satrapi wrote the script and co-directed along with Vincent Paronnaud. The film is being made in French, but one assumes Sony will be releasing an English language version. Chiara Mastroianni voices young Marjane, and Mastroianni’s […]

Nelson on REX MUNDI

Yesterday we reported the unbelieveably thrilling news that Johnny Depp may star in a comic book movie and today the websites are all over REX MUNDI creator Arvid Nelson including this interveiw at IESB.net: IESB: I first heard about Rex Mundi about one year ago when Barry Levine mentioned this top secret project with Johnny […]

Carol Tyler now an OAC Artist In Residence

Carol Tyler has been named an Ohio Arts Council Artist In Residence: Cincinnati’s underground comics queen Carol Tyler has been named an Artist in Residence by the Ohio Arts Council and is raring to line up gigs. “What this means,” she e-mailed, “is that I will be available to share the comic making experience with […]

Breaking: Comic fans becoming diverse

Arizona Central previews this weeked’s Phoenix Cactus Comicon, and kicks it off with a startling discovery. Comic conventions are not just for comic books anymore. And they’re not just for geeky 30-year-old guys who still live in their parents’ house. Comicons, as they’re called, are appealing to a wider range of people these days, including […]

Dave Sim on Seth and Brown

We know a recording of the Seth/Chester Brown talk at the Doug Wright Awards is up so you can just listen to it yourself…but wouldn’t you rather read Dave Sim’s report? Come on now. With about a half-hour to the interview segment it looked as if it might be touch-and-go as to whether they could […]

Calendar question — UPDATE

We’d like to pick the brains of our loyal Beat readers. As messy as that sounds, it’s not that dire. Our normal procedure for posting “events listings” here at The Beat is to do it the day of (usually in the morning.) That works for The Beat because our usual planning is along the lines […]