Sony Pictures Classics has up some still from the PERSEPOLIS animated film which is due out in 2007. Creator Marjane Satrapi wrote the script and co-directed along with Vincent Paronnaud. The film is being made in French, but one assumes Sony will be releasing an English language version. Chiara Mastroianni voices young Marjane, and Mastroianni’s real-life mother, Catherine Deneuve plays Marjane’s mother.


  1. Wow… I love when a great book becomes a movie; it makes my job as a bookseller so much easier. And when that movie is based on a graphic novel, well, that’s when I get to Seduce The Innocent. Currently my store is featuring 300 at the information desk, and I’ll push the new Aline Crumb book when it arrives. And Fun Home continues to sell nicely.