Yesterday we reported the unbelieveably thrilling news that Johnny Depp may star in a comic book movie and today the websites are all over REX MUNDI creator Arvid Nelson including this interveiw at

IESB: I first heard about Rex Mundi about one year ago when Barry Levine mentioned this top secret project with Johnny Depp, how long have you been hoping to get this onto the big screen.

Arvid Nelson: Barry first approached me about four years ago it seemed like a long shot at the time but ever since then it just been kind of a cycle of emulation and additional despair and I guess I have kind of learned to take everything with a grain of salt but it feels really different this time. It’s been a really long haul.

IESB: How early on was Johnny Depp’s involvement, he’s been looking at it for about a year?

AN: Yeah, it been a bit longer than that, I am not exactly sure, to tell you the truth, I think he’s been involved, it’s been as much as two years ago, I guess things just grind really slowly. I think he just needed to get his schedule figured out to focus on it so…it’s been a while, these things take time.