Check it out quick,because it’s up on some Greek website we can’t even read.

The footage is toned down a bit from what we saw at Comic-con — no topless women and decapitated heads flying through the air propelled on spurts of gore — but it does look…impressive. Very impressive. Violent yet lyrical and heroic. Our only cavil is the Lisa Gerard-inspired soundtrack that must accompany all post-GLADIATOR sword-and-sandal epics, but that is to be expected.

[Thanks to ‘MA’ for the link.]


  1. I was going to watch it, but remembered that they showed it to us *3* times at Comic-con! I can wait until it hits the theaters after that, no matter how cool it looked. ;)

  2. It’s on iFilm as well. They call it an “unofficial trailer” Looks cool. I’d say it looks more like a play than some fancy special effects flick.

  3. It *sounds* like a play, too: the sound quality on the dialogue is very flat and closely-mic’d – i.e., it sounds like it was recorded on a soundstage, which kind of ruins the illusion of the virtual locations. I’m guessing there’s still some looping and/or sweetening to come, to liven it up and add some ambience.