Gail Simone has news of an impressive benefit for Lea Hernandez over at Newsarama:

Lea’s family’s emotions have been all over the place, but the concern and heartfelt support of so many people has been one consistent bright spot. To that end, an Art And Other Stuff Auction has been organized, spearheaded by the amazing Jeffery LaJaunie, with help from his lovely wife Tonia and others. This thing has grown wild, and aside from doing a lot of good for some really good people, it’s one incredible parade of great stuff you definitely need. Honestly.

There are all sorts of tpbs and comics at bargain prices, along with one-of-a-kind collectibles and best of all, original art by some of the biggest talents in comics. I know I sound like that guy on QVC, but we’re talking Tom Derenick JLA, Halo and Kabuki art by Andrew Robinson, Wonder Woman art by Anne Timmons, an amazing Avengers piece done Simpsons style by the great Bill Morrison, and TWO unbelievable pieces by Mike Oeming that you have to see to believe.

On top of that, we’ve got sketches by some unknown figures like John Cassaday, Jim Lee, Kevin Nowlan, Brandon Peterson, Andy Park and Jimmy Palmiotti and many more. Honestly, you may never see these sketches available so cheaply again.

And this is just the start. More is coming, lots more. Lions, Tigers and Bears art, Planet Karen pieces from Karen Ellis, and beautiful Marvel art from Valentine De Landro.

One piece so incredible it’s hard to even figure out how to list it is a Tom Beland sketchbook that he’s donated, the first of its kind he’s ever sold. To say this is one-of-a-kind is a grave injustice. We’ll notify people when this piece goes up, as it literally is the ultimate Tom Beland fan catch, short of kidnapping Tom himself.

The first round of stuff is up, but please keep checking back. This is an opportunity to do something great for Lea’s family that will also bring you joy for a long time to come, and there’s something there for any budget, starting at just a few dollars.

The Ebay address is: