National Cartoon Museum out of ESB

Mart Walker’s huge cartoon collection, long without a home, is again without a home, as the Stamford Advocate reports that a long-standing deal between the Walkers and the Empire State Building to open the National Cartoon Museum there has fallen apart: The museum struggled to find a permanent home since it opened in Greenwich in […]

GON back at CMX

In all the retailer summit hoopla of Whedon and the Dabels a little news was missed, namely that Masashi Tanaka’s GON will be coming back via the CMX imprint. Long before the dawn of Man, savage dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Now, only one remains – the smallest, yet wildest of them all. GON marches across […]

Total a**hole attends comic-con

We debated on whether to link to this gem, found while Technorati surfing for the Baltimore con, or not, since the writer is obviously an attention seeking jerk, but we wanted to remind everyone that what you read on the internet stays on the internet. Perhaps the fact that this bottom-feeding commentary was directed at […]


SO MUCH STUFF GOING ON. • First Second Books announces a new giveaway Send us your photo of yourself or someone you know reading one of our books! The ones we like best get posted here and you’ll receive a First Second title of your choosing! Please email them to •Mike S. Miller launches […]

Holocaust ‘toon exhibit flops in Tehran

Over in Iran, where cartoons aren’t just a passtime, they’re a matter of life and death, an exhibit of cartoons making sport of The Holocaust has been a “flop” according to the Independent. Apparently people had better things to do, like enriching uranium and shutting down reformist publications: An exhibition of cartoons about the Holocaust, […]

END TIMES: Dave Sim is blogging

He doesn’t actually get on the computer to do it, but he says he’ll do it every day. Is that sound we just heard the internets BREAKING INTO THIRDS???? Message: Dave Sim’s blogandmail #1 (September 13th, 2006): Hi and welcome to my Blog. I’m actually going to try to stay current with this on a […]

2006 Ignatz Nominees announced

Nominess are chosen by a panel, winners are voted on by attendees of the 2006 SPX to be held October 13-14 in Bethesda. Winners will be announced the night of October 14th at the gala awards ceremony. Editorial comment: Now THESE are nominations I can get behind. Not a stinker in the bunch. Outstanding Artist […]