• First Second Books announces a new giveaway

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•Mike S. Miller launches COMICS IN THE CLASSROOM: a comic site for teachers, parents and librarians

•Johanna Draper Carlson has started a website listing comics created or co-created by women.

•Flickr user captures spirit of Baltimore.

•Retailer blog MacGuffin looks at news from the retailer summit:

*A deal between Marvel and the Dabel Brothers makes much more sense than I’d like to admit. While theoretically the Dabel’s lincenses tap the mainstream book audience, in reality nearly all of the properties they’ve obtained the rights to are in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre which has a nice chunk of crossover among comic fans. What this will likely do is increase the presence of these titles in direct market stores that barely look past the front quarter of Previews. What it will also do is allow many stores to stock these titles a bit deeper assuming they will be released under Marvel’s standard discounts of 50+% rather than the Dabel Brothers previous discount which topped out at 45%. I know we’ve had several customers wondering what happened when these comics stopped showing up (especially the Anita Blake comic) and if these titles do ship in October as is now planned, they may very well make it into more shops than they would have previously.

200609141209•Bucking the trend of comics-loving celebrities, future Joker Heath Ledger reveals he hates Comic Book Movies:

“I actually hate comic book movies, like fucking hate them, they just bore me shitless and they’re just dumb. But I thought what Chris Nolan did with Batman was actually really good, really well directed, and Christian Bale was really great in it.”

•Brit band Kula Shakur is jumping on the comics bandwagon the Forbidden PLanet blog reports:

Andrew Wildman and Jason Cobley, two of our more interesting independent creators, tell me that they working on their next comics project, Magic Theatre. It’s an unusual, music and lyric-based tale, which they are describing as “a story of the development and resolution of the human spirit, inspired by the themes and lyrics of Kula Shaker; written with the co-operation and support of the band.â€?

•Forget about Lonelygir15, the real internet controversy is ordering a “ghetto latte” at Starbucks:

The “ghetto-latte” is ordering any size Iced Americano, with no water and half ice (This lady’s drink is an Iced Venti, no water, half ice, Americano). She then takes the drink and goes to the condiments bar and adds her own half and half.

She and her boy toy came in the other day and both ordered a Venti and Grande ghetto-latte. We just happened to not have the half and half out at the condiment bar. When she ordered the drink, I then immediately said, “and ma’am what kind of dairy would you like?” She then said, “Oh I’ll add it myself thank you.” But I had to let her know we didn’t have any out at the very moment. She asked for half and half of course.


  1. Oh good, I’m glad Johanna’s taken up the Women Doing Comics list duties. I’m sure the WDC list on the Lulu page is pretty out of date since I passed it on to whomever a few years back.

  2. I liked Batman too, but I don’t see how it was some fantastically greater thing than most other superhero movies (Spider-man, X-Men, etc). I think he just avoids comic movies just because he’s too cool for the room. That said, I’m really glad he isn’t the stereotypical actor, pandering to us, saying, “Oh, I’ve ALWAYS loved Batguy and Sparrow, read them since I was a kid!!! All the time, I swear! I’m one of YOU!!!” or whatever. It’s refreshing. I consider him just really uninformed about comics.

  3. Ah, the ghetto latte. A great idea that will eventually cause all coffee bars to stop offering half and half except in the little tiny Portion Control cups that you have to peel the lid off of.

    Save the frustration and pay the difference, I say.

  4. kula shaker befriended grant morrison mid-90s, had some refferences scatteed in INVISIBLES and phil himenez did a cover for a single.

    didn’t know they were still on…