Over in Iran, where cartoons aren’t just a passtime, they’re a matter of life and death, an exhibit of cartoons making sport of The Holocaust has been a “flop” according to the Independent. Apparently people had better things to do, like enriching uranium and shutting down reformist publications:

An exhibition of cartoons about the Holocaust, some suggesting it was fabricated or exaggerated, has been a flop in Tehran. It drew audiences of fewer than 300 a day in its first week and now, three weeks after sparking international furore when it opened, attracts just 50 people a day.

Most of those approached in central Tehran said they had not heard of the exhibition and insisted the slaughter of six million Jews by the Nazis was a historical fact. “I’m sure the Holocaust was true – I’ve heard all about it from newspapers and television,” said a housewife from a religious family. “I don’t know why some say it didn’t happen.”